Equator Monument – Famous Landmark in West Kalimantan

beautiful Indonesia - the Equator Monument

The Equator Monument

The Equator Monument – A Famous Landmark in West Kalimantan

Borneo Island is the largest island in Indonesia. If you are visiting West Kalimantan, you should never miss Pontianak City. Even though it’s a tropical region, you can enjoy a beautiful Indonesia vacation. The city is near to the border of another country. You can even drive a car to Sarawak, Malaysia. Pontianak is the top destination in West Kalimantan. Your journey is incomplete without visiting the city. The most famous structure is the equatorial monument. It’s an icon of the city.

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Reaching the Monument

 The monument is located near to Pontianak. It’s about 3 km from the center of the city. One thing, you should visit the monument at the perfect time. Usually, visitors come during the right position of the sun. If you are on time, you won’t see any shadows. Why? It’s because the sun is the situation right above your head. The most recommended time to visit the equator monument is on March 21 – 23. September is also a good time. You should come within the same dates.

Thanks to the equator monument. Pontianak City becomes one of the best tourist spots in Kalimantan. Apart from the monument, the city is also famous due to its Kapuas River. Not only it’s the largest and longest river in Indonesia, Kapuas is one of the longest rivers on the planet. Both Kapuas and Tugu Khatulistiwa are the symbols of Pontianak. Both of them attract more tourists over time. You can enjoy a beautiful Indonesia vacation in this city. You can come either alone or with family.

Have you decided to visit the equator monument? You only need to visit the north part of Pontianak. You can either rent a car or ride a public transportation. The most convenient one is a taxi. Angkot is also a good option. During the trip, you may cross the Kapuas River. Once you reach the north part of the city, you should spend at least 30 minutes to get to the equator monument. The trip can be tiring. It’s recommended to bring bottled water and some snacks.


Make the Preparation First

As mentioned earlier, the equator monument is the most famous tourist destination in Pontianak. The latest renovation was in 1990. Today, you can visit it as one of the best tourism spots in Pontianak. You don’t even need to pay the admission fee at all. You must pay for the certificate, though. The cost is around 10,000 IDR – 15,000 IDR. The mayor will give a signature to your photos. There are some souvenirs to buy. That means you need to bring more money. In some cases, you need to buy local foods.

In summary, a beautiful Indonesia vacation is determined by the tourist destination. Pontianak is the top choice of tourism destination in West Kalimantan. Even though the temperature is quite hot, it’s worth a try. The city also offers another important attraction. It’s the Kapuas River. You are able to witness the largest river in Indonesia. It’s because you need to pass the river when you need to reach the equator monument. What a great trip in West Kalimantan. Are you ready to go?

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