A Famous Pink Beach of East Lombok

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pink beach lombok

Pink Beach Lombok Indonesia

Not all tourists are familiar with Pink Beach. Well, it is one of the top attractions in East Lombok. The actual name is Tangsi Beach. So, why do many people call it Pink Beach? As the name suggests, the beach has a unique color. The beach lies in the coastal area of Sekaroh Village in Jerowaru. For those who visit East Lombok, this beach should be a nice tourist destination. The main attraction of the beach is definitely its color. Actually, the beach has similar sand color to other beaches. Though, there are some crumbs of coral reefs in the shorelines.

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Exploring Pink Beach

 The coral reef crumbs turn some parts of the beach into pink. It is indeed a unique attraction for tourists. Tangsi Beach also has a distinct history. The name derives from the Indonesian Language. Tangsi means a barrack. The rumor has it. Many people believe it was the hidden location of Japanese’s barrack. Not to mention there is a manmade cave nearby. Visitors can also find an old cannon. It’s believed the reminiscence of Japan army. Overall, the beach becomes an interesting spot for tourists.

Most of the tourists recognize Pink Beach for its beauty. Apart from its unique color, the beach is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are hills and a “berugak”. It is the place for resting. Visitors can simply relax and enjoy the breeze of the wind here. For those who want to refresh, the beach indeed is a perfect destination. Also, it features calm waves. No wonder, tourists can enjoy numerous water sports safely. Some parts of the sea also feature beautiful coral reefs.

The main attraction of the beach is its pink shorelines. Thus, visitors are likely to take some pictures with such background. There are other things to do, though. For instance, there is sunbathing. The best time to visit the beach is during summer so tourists can sunbathe here. The calmness of seawater also becomes an interesting attraction. It will be quite refreshing to swim around the beach. Kids can even swim here. Still, parents must supervise their children always.

Another interesting attraction is the hills. The beautiful scenery makes it a perfect location for photography. Apart from a regular camera, tourists can even use their drone camera. That means they can take some beautiful pictures from the sky. They can explore the hills, the beach, and the village with it. Once they enjoy some activities in Pink Beach, it is to visit the village. Local people are friendly so tourists can get along well with them. There is also the chance to taste some local foods.


Reaching Pink Beach either by Land or Sea

Pink Beach is located a little bit far from Mataram city. It takes much time to reach the beach. Approximately, it will be 2-3 hours. From Praya Airport, tourists can use a rented car. Tangsi village doesn’t feature a good road. The trip won’t be quite comfortable. Though, it is worth the patience. Tourists can also come to the beach by the sea. From Tanjung Luar Port, they can ride a local boat. The voyage usually takes 2hours. While reaching Pink Beach, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. Enjoy!

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