Getting Lots of Fun – Ocarina Park in Riau Archipelago

What do you know about Riau Archipelago? One thing, the province consists of many small islands. Even though it’s one of the newest provinces in Indonesia, it’s quite popular among tourists. You may need and Indonesia travel guide prior to visiting Riau Islands. For instance, you need to decide the destination. Since the province has many islands, tourists can’t decide it easily. The most famous one is Batam Island. It has many natural resources. Needless to say, it’s a rich island. What about the tourism in Batam? Well, there’s Ocarina Park. The visitors shouldn’t miss this tourist attraction. What about you?

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About Ocarina Park

Indonesia travel guide - Ocarina Park Batam

Indonesia travel guide – Ocarina Park Batam (source

You can say that Ocarina Park has the similar attraction like Ancol. Even though it’s a new area, it has attracted lots of visitors. It can be a charm of Batam. The size of the park is around 40 hectares. One thing, it’s suitable for a family vacation. Your kids can play various types of rides in this park. Even adults can enjoy these rides. On top of that, Ocarina Park often offers interesting events sometimes. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a music concert.

According to an Indonesia travel guide, the admission fee is around 10,000 IDR per person. It excludes the price of the rides to play with. The park is situated in Batam Center. It’s one of the most recommended places to visit on this island. You can reach it easily. It’s very close to the town center. The park is quite wide, too. Once you reach the park, you can witness unique sculptures of 12 Chinese Zodiac. You can read a description on each of such sculpture.

Basically, Batam is the most famous island in Riau Archipelago. Not only it has Ocarina Park, it’s also suitable for shopping addicts. You can get many options of merchandise. They are tax-free! There are many shopping areas nearby. You can find almost anything. On top of that, they are all at bargain price. It’s a haven for those who look for cheaper products. Once you buy sometimes, you can spend a beautiful day at Ocarina Park. It’s a vital place to visit.


It’s still Developing

Ocarina is actually an entertainment park. It’s preferred by families. No worries. You can reach it easily. It’s located in Teluk Kerang. It’s also situated near to the ferry terminal. The park is considered as a new vacation destination in Batam. It was available for public since 2008. Even though the park is new, foreign tourists keep coming by time after time. Perhaps they have recognized the potential of Batam Island. It’s a hidden heaven in Riau Archipelago. Everyone should visit it once.

The park is situated within a complex. It consists of many rides. For example, there’s Ferris wheel. You and your kids shouldn’t miss it. Since it’s a new tourist destination, the local government conducts some developments gradually. Due to this reason, you may witness a little project in progress when visiting Ocarina Park. This won’t bother your vacation, though. Apart from rides, you can find some eateries. Thus you can enjoy local foods there. For more tourist places, you can read an Indonesia travel guide in

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