Visiting Gede Pangrangro Mountain in Sukabumi, West Java

Gede Pangrangro

Welcome to Gede Pangrangro National Park

For those who love nature tourism, Gede Pangrangro is a good option. It is actually a mountain park. The locals call it TNGGP. The government opened it for public in 1980. Today, it becomes one of the oldest natural parks in Indonesia. The location is actually in Sukabumi. It is in West Java. Most of the visitors come there for camping, sightseeing, and enjoying nature. The size of the area is more than 21,000 hectares. As the name suggests, it is the combination of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. Both of them create a splendid view from above.

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The Nuance in Gede Pangrangro

In terms of beauty, TNGGP is definitely satisfying. The mountains appear quite wonderful. You can find several trees and bushes, as well. In some parts of the area, you can find savannas. These locations are perfect for camping, for sure. No wonder, many campers, and backpackers come to the mountains quite often. They want to enjoy an unforgettable camping experience in such location. Also, some visitors want to witness beautiful sunset and sunrise! Regardless of the reasons, the mountain never fails you.

Gede Pangrangro


Exploring Gede Pangrangro

The question is what people can do on the mountain. First, it is related to the flora and fauna. Do you know the existence of a giant tree called Rasamala? Well, you can find it there. There are also other unique plants such as insect eaters and Nephentes. In some parts of the park, there are wild orchids. Also, you can find numerous types of fungus. The thing is you should never touch or eat them! Some of the mushrooms can even glow at night. They are definitely beautiful.

Gede Pangrangro

Apart from flora, you can find different types of animals in Gede Pangrangro. For example, there are many insects and mammals. Some leopards and deer also live nearby. When it comes to birds, there are more than 200 species of birds. The most famous ones are Javanese Owa, local eagles, and much more. Some endangered birds also love there! If you are lucky, you can witness them all. Due to this reason, make sure to carry a camera. You need to capture those animals simultaneously.

Another fun activity to do is to enjoy a beautiful sunset and sunrise. In this case, you should come in the right time. If you want to go camping, you should choose the right spot. The name is Edelweiss Savanna. Aside from camping, some visitors come to the mountain for hiking. No wonder, professional trekkers decide to visit over time. It is also an opportunity to make some friends.


How to Get to Gede Pangrangro

If you come from Jakarta, the trip takes about 4-5 hours. The distance is approximately 115 km. The fastest route to take is Jagorawi Freeway. Once you reach the exit, you must head to Cibadak Street. From there, you must follow the route to Curug Sawer. The mountain is located nearby, so you won’t too much time to reach it. What about the hotels? Well, there are some resorts nearby. The most recommended places to stay near to Gede Pangrangro are Salabintana and Berlian Resort. Otherwise, you can go camping.

Gede Pangrangro

Top Of Gede Mountain with top Pangrango background

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