Getting around Sanur Bali in One Day

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Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur is actually a famous resort in Bali. Tourists love Sanur beach. It’s both relaxing and beautiful. There are also abundant accommodation and restaurants. If you compare Sanur to Kuta beach, it’s more expensive. You must carry lots of cash to enjoy delicious foods in Sanur. Still, it’s cheaper than Seminyak. Most of the visitors come from Europe and Australia. Regardless of the experience, you can get around in Sanur easily. The main street is Jalan Danau Tamblingan. There are many car outlets available. You can rent one for your trip. There can even rent a bike.


Reaching Some Great Vacation Spots in Sanur

 If you don’t like to rent a vehicle, you can choose public transportation. There are taxis and local bemos. The best location to find them is at Jalan Danau Poso and Danau Tamblingan. In Sanur area, you can also walk freely. The streets are relatively peaceful. There’s also the paved beach. Spending an evening walking isn’t a bad idea, after all. What’s more? There are numerous things to do in Sanur. It’s the center of historical and cultural attractions. Not to mention there are some shopping areas nearby.

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If you come at the perfect time, you can witness a famous kite festival at Padang Galak. It’s an annual event, actually. The festival is conducted every July. It can be a wonderful experience. You may see giant kites in the sky. Some teams compete against each other to win the festival. The kite festival is the representation of a message to the Gods. Local people ask for good and abundant harvests from the Gods. The organized kite festival happens every July. Still, there are informal kite festivals in June-August.

Next, you must visit La Mayeur Museum. It’s situated in Jalan Hangtuah. It was the home of a famous impressionist. The name is Adrian Jean Le Mayeur. The museum becomes the place to display his works. Adrian was a Belgian artist. He came in Bali and married a local dancer. He created some notable arts while he was still alive. He died in 1958. It costs you 10,000 IDR to enter the museum. It is cheap, isn’t it?


More Things to Do in Sanur

 There’s also the MIC. It stands for Mangrove Information Center. Like the name implies, it’s the place to learn about mangrove forest. It’s suitable for a family vacation. You can teach your kids regarding the importance of mangrove conservation. The entrance fee is around 50,000 IDR. Don’t forget to pay the parking fee, as well. Not all tourists love this place. However, it’s a worthy tourist destination when visiting Sanur.

Regardless of your vacation preferences in Sanur, you shouldn’t miss the watersports. Sanur beach is a great place to enjoy watersports like surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and much more. There’s also a banana boat. Your kids will love it. The water is calm so it’s safe for them. When it comes to surfing, you won’t get disappointed. The rent price for the surfboards is 110,000 IDR. The waves are suitable for both beginners and experts. Dare you try it?

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