Getting closer to the World’s Smallest Monkey

Smallest Monkey

World’s Smallest Monkey From Indonesia – Tarsius Spectrum also called Tarsius tarsier or Tandurusa

One of the world’s smallest monkeys in Indonesia are Tarsius spectrum. Its an unique animals in North Sulawesi. See also the pygmy marmoset is considered the world’s smallest monkey. They usually live in the rainforests. They have an average height of 15 cm and the weight of 100-150 grams. Another characteristic is their long tail. Most of them live the south part of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Their habitat is in an area with abundant foods and trees. They also have a unique type of diet. It is considered different from other primates. Their favorites are gum and sap. Not to mention they are into foods that give them lots of carbohydrates.

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About the World’s Smallest Monkey

This unique primate has sharp claws. These help them climb trees and gather foods. They can move swiftly as well. Thanks to their long tail as it gives them satisfying balance. Since they have a small and lightweight body, they are able to reach the top of the trees without hassles. They have a flexible head. It helps them to stay alerted. They are also able to avoid predators with such ability. In fact, they can turn their heads vertically. Also, they can communicate well using developed vocalization.

smallest monkey

pygmy marmoset

As mentioned earlier, their favorite food is the tree gum. They will make a hole in the tree and look for the sap. They use their tongue to lap it up. Pygmy marmoset also eats butterfly and other insects. Not to mention they like to eat fruits. They have quite useful claws and these are called tegulae. This unique characteristic of the monkey indeed is quite helpful for feeding and moving. Their body size also helps them to move more swiftly.

It is true pygmy marmoset is a wild animal. Though, many people make them as an exotic pet. The thing is this animal is a little bit troublesome. Not all people are able to deal with it. In fact, this primate may die easily due to pressure or depression. It takes much time and effort. Overall, pygmy marmoset is considered as a time-consuming pet. Not to mention most of them are likely to bite the owners. Despite these negative traits of the monkey, they are indeed unusual.


Some Issues Related to the World’s Smallest Monkey

Recently, there is an issue regarding the population of a pygmy marmoset or tasius spectrum. The prime threats are illegal pet trades and habitat loss. The government starts to perform some efforts to reduce the risk of population decline. They also prevent bad tourists and local people from capturing the monkey. It should give better results as time goes by. Today, you can find pygmy marmoset or tarsius spectrum either in the wildlife or local zoos. They are indeed an interesting primate species.

Just because pygmy marmoset or tarsius spectrum has a small body, doesn’t mean they are inferior. In fact, they can take advantage of their body size. They are able to jump from one branch to the others. Today, some people make them a pet. Even though it is a daunting task, having pygmy marmoset is somewhat unique and uncommon. Taking care of this monkey isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. This primate should be healthy and happy always. Otherwise, they can die easily.

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