A Unique Way to Getting Fun in Indonesia – Om Telolet Om!

Om Telolet Om

Om Telolet Om

Modern culture develops over time. It can be as simple as getting fun in the street. For example, you may find a popular term in Indonesia called om telolet om. The locals, especially kids, gather in the roadside and shout such words to the bus drivers. They are expecting a unique sound of bus horn. If they are lucky, they get a series of combination of a horn. Also, they record it using a smartphone. No wonder, it has become a viral video on the internet.

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Explaining Om Telolet Om

Not all buses are equipped with a special horn. This explains why kids really love to hunt those horns. Today, this unique tradition is recognized not only in Indonesia but other countries. Even popular DJs have acknowledged it as a unique phenomenon. The sound of horns of the buses amuses tons of people in Indonesia, especially kids. Today, you can enjoy this phenomenon through videos. It has been viral and watched by lots of people. It is safe to say it has become a new occasional tradition in Indonesia.

Happiness comes in many ways. People in Indonesia know how to obtain it free. The sound of bus’s horns is one of them. They may use their smartphone to record such phenomenon. Even though some people consider it dangerous, kids and teenagers keep doing so. What they need to do is to stand in a safe spot. After all, they can hunt it in a bus terminal. The buses won’t go fast in such location, in fact. This way, those people can safely capture the moment.

What makes om telolet om amusing? It is not only a regular sound of the horn. Some drivers have modified it into something unique. Thus, the horn produces numerous types of sounds based on the alteration. The concept is similar to an old phone’s music creator. Due to this reason, the drivers can play different songs creatively. The audience is looking for a unique sound of horns, so they can brag to their friends later. No wonder, social media sites has chosen it as one of the new trends in 2016, especially Twitter.


The Popularity of Om Telolet Om

Many famous DJs love it, as well. These include Bassjacker, Zedd, Snake, and Martin Garrix. At the first time, they had no idea about what it is. Later, they find it amusing and entertaining. There is also Marshmello. He considers it as an awesome thing. Indonesian accounts also have a role in popularizing such phenomenon. It is because they have included such term as a comment in numerous celebrities’ accounts. As the result, many famous people wonder what kind of wonder it is.

The thing is om telolet om won’t last long. It is only an occasional tradition. Once people in Indonesia get bored to it, they won’t do such kind of thing anymore. Despite this fact, it has amused many people both in Indonesia and other countries. Perhaps it has the same effects to that of Japan’s PPAP and Africa’s most difficult name of a person. All of them have been viral on the internet and amused tons of people. Should Indonesia be proud of it?

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