Goat Curry (Tongseng Kambing)

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Goat Curry (Tongseng Kambing)

Goat Curry (Tongseng Kambing)

Indonesia isn’t about tourism. There are many unique things to explore. For instance, the country has lots of traditional foods. One of the most delicious Indonesian foods is the goat curry. Local people call it Tongseng Kambing. It’s a common dish of Eid ul-Fitr. The inspiration came from Indian culinary. Indonesians usually enjoy the food with local rice cake. The name is lontong. As an alternative, they may include warmed steamed rice or nasi. The prime ingredient is lamb meat and coconut milk. Each region has a unique recipe. The most famous one is from Sumatra.


What is in Goat Curry or Tongseng Kambing?

Even though there are many types of Indonesian curry, Tongseng Kambing is one of the best. It includes lamb meat, vegetables, and some spices. These include red chili, pepper, turmeric, onion, etc. Goat curry is a spicy dish. The meat is tender. With a proper way of cooking, Tongseng Kambing becomes everyone’s favorite. Apart from Sumatran goat curry, another best place to enjoy this tradition food is in Yogyakarta. There are some good places to enjoy the food. For instance, there’s Pak Krebo’s Tongseng.

Indonesia has many traditional foods. Tourists should try Tongseng Kambing. The taste is excellent and the price is affordable. Not to mention it’s easy to find. When spending a vacation in Yogyakarta, tourists must try goat curry. It’s the best food during the cold season. The spicy taste of the curry can soothe sick people. It’s the best culinary adventure for everyone. Indonesian goat curry is famous for its tenderness. The meat is definitely delicious.

Indonesian Tongseng Kambing is unique. The secret lies in its meat tenderness. Local people won’t soak the lamb meat in water for a long time of period. The purpose is to avoid the color deterioration of the meat. The next important technique is the cutting. Indonesians have the secret in cutting and preparing the meat. As the result, the meat gets a softer and better texture. Another important key is the cooking technique. Usually, local people wrap crush the lamb meat using Papaya leaves prior to cooking. This makes the meat tenderer.


The Increasing Popularity of Tongseng Kambing

 As mentioned earlier, the major ingredient is the high-quality lamb meat. The other ingredients are tomatoes, caulis, broth, water, sweet soy sauce, and margarine. Each region has its own secret recipes, though. Indonesian goat curry is definitely a unique traditional dish. Many foreign tourists visit Indonesia for its culinary. They won’t miss the goat curry, for sure. The most popular destination is in Sumatra and Yogyakarta. The taste is flavorsome and the meat is tender.

In summary, Indonesia goat curry is one of the most famous traditional foods of the country. It’s rich in flavor and texture. The lamb meat is quite tender. It defines the greatness of the dish. Tourists won’t find the same quality in other places. In fact, many tourists come to Indonesia to try the original Tongseng Kambing. Some of them want to learn the recipe, too. It’s easy to learn. Local people are likely to teach tourists of how to make delicious goat curry. You can try others Indonesia culinary like rendang and empek-empek from palembang.

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