A Gorgeous Animal – the Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran Elephant

Sumatra Island has many majestic animals. One of them is Sumatran elephant. Not only they are beautiful, but they also contribute to the forest ecosystem. The fact is that they eat numerous types of plants everywhere. In nature, they are quite friendly. They even share their habitat with some other animals like Sumatran orangutan, tigers, rhino, etc. They can only be found in Sumatra. The bad news is they belong to one of the most endangered animals in Indonesia. These include the Javanese rhino, Borneo birdwing, the Javanese tiger, and green sea turtle.  

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About Sumatran Elephant

What makes them different than other elephants? They have a smaller size than others. Another unique characteristic is related to their tusks. Males have short tusks and the females have these hidden beneath their lips. The Sumatran elephant has an important role to the ecosystem. Their number decreases over time, though. The current population is around 2,500. In Riau, there are no more than 400 elephants. Why is Sumatran elephant endangered? Well, it’s due to the loss of habitat. People keep cutting trees that lead to deforestation.

According to Sumatran elephant facts, local people often kill the elephant using a poison. Why is that? These people got upset due to elephants’ behaviors. They consider it as the source of problems. The next treat is related to space. Sumatran elephants have no much space to roam. Each day, mature elephants need more than 100 kg of food and 100 liters of water. They also need to move around freely. Without an ample space to roam, their life is in danger.

Sumatran elephants walk around the forests and leave feces. One thing, there are seeds in their feces. That means they help the ecosystem regenerate. Deforestation has limited their movement. This causes lots of problems. Illegal logging becomes the main concern. In this case, the government should put better law enforcement. Moreover, there are other issues like animal trading. With strict laws, the government is able to prevent bad things from happening. Those who violate the law could face either a fine or years in prison.


Sumatran Elephant is in Danger

Even though the government has done its best to preserve Sumatran elephant habitat and enforce the law, the result isn’t satisfying. The government doesn’t have enough skilled staff. Not to mention there are greedy poachers. Hunters always find a way to extract elephant’s tusks. There are also bad local people. They kill elephants because they consider them dangerous. In nature, elephants pose no threats to human. However, elephants often roam around and enter plantation areas. People consider them as pests and they would kill them.

In a nutshell, Sumatran elephant has the same problems as the other endangered animals in Sumatra. Deforestation and illegal hunting gradually reduce the number of this gorgeous animal. It becomes everyone’s responsibility. Both government and local people should do the best to avoid the extinction of Sumatran elephant. At least, they must be able to maintain the current population of this animal. What is the future of Sumatran elephant? No one knows.

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