A Great History of Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce from Madura

If you have visited Indonesia, you must have eaten chicken satay with peanut sauce. As the name implies, it uses chicken meats as its main ingredient. It’s grilled on charcoal. As for the sauce, it uses peanut paste. Commonly, satay is a traditional food of Javanese. The thing is you can find it in South East Asia nations like Thailand, Singapore, Philippine, and Malaysia. Today, you can even find satay in Netherland. In Japan, satay is called Yakitori. What makes Indonesian satay unique?


Indonesian Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

There are numerous satay recipes out there. Each region has it. Not only it uses chicken meat, some regions use different types of meats like cow and lamb meat. There is also rabbit and horse meat satay. Do you want to try them? Peanut sauce is common. The other toppings are soy sauce and onions. Some people also include slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. Satay is the side dish. That means you need to eat it with rice. As an alternative, you can eat satay with rice cake.

What is the history behind satay? Most of the people believe that it came from the 19th century. Satay was created and sold in the streets all over Java Island. At that time, Arabian people came to Java for trading. Apart from using chicken meat, Arab people modified it with lamb meat. They loved it so much. In Java, the most famous satay comes from Madura. You can find Madura satay in all regions. It’s quite famous. The peanut sauce is tasty. Not to mention it comes with mouth-watering chicken meat.

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The types of satay are based on the meat. Chicken meat is the most common one. What about the other types? Well, you can find numerous variations as well. For instance, there’s satay buntel. It’s made of lamb meat. The lamb meats are minced and wrapped using fats. Then, the meats are grilled for a few minutes. As for the sauce, local people use sweet soybean and peppers. Satay buntel is an original food from Surakarta. You must try it.


Alternatives for Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Indonesia isn’t all about chicken satay. It’s because you can try other types of satay, too. Once you have tried Buntel satay, you need to look for clam satay. The main ingredients are clams. It’s a famous satay from Surabaya. Instead of grilling the clam meat, the cook boils them. You can eat them along with sambal, soy sauce, and rice. Next, you should visit Cirebon. There’s Kalong satay. It’s made of minced buffalo meat. For many, eating buffalo meat is a new experience. What about you?

Chicken satay with peanut sauce is one of Indonesian best foods. Tourists must have tried it once. It’s easy to find satay. You can either buy it from streets or restaurants. The price varies, though. Madura is the most famous region when it comes to chicken satay. Today, you can find many sellers in all regions of Indonesia. Make sure that you choose the right side dish. It can be either rice or rice cake (lontong). Enjoy!

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