Gulai Ikan Patin – Jambi’s Traditional Food

The Taste of Jambi’s Traditional Food

gulai ikan patin

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Jambi has a delicious traditional food. If you go to Indonesia, you must visit Jambi. There’s Gulai Ikan Patin. It’s a popular local culinary in Jambi. The food includes fermented Durian meat. It’s called Tempoyak. Due to its stingy smell, some people replace it with coconut milk. Another characteristic is the spicy taste. Gulai Ikan Patin is indeed spicy. If you like hot food, it’s suitable for you. Sumatrans love spicy foods. This traditional culinary is one of the best foods among Minangkabau and Malay people.

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About Gulai Ikan Patin

Gulai Ikan Patin is available in Riau province, too. It’s easy to find an eatery nearby. The best location to find such traditional food is in Indragiri hilir and hulu. Patin is actually a type of fish that lives in brackish water. It has a soft and delicious meat. In terms of appearance, it’s similar to a catfish. Not only it has a similar appearance to a catfish, it also owns catfish’s characteristics. It eats almost anything. How is Gulai Ikan Patin made?

Both the preparation and cooking procedure are quite intricate. It requires at least 1 kg of Patin, chilies, tomatoes, salt, ginger, and other spices. Both the fish and spices must be cooked in a proper heat. It’s better to buy the authentic Gulai Ikan Patin. The taste will be as delicious as ever think. If you try to cook it by yourself, you may end up disappointed. Most of the people fail in the first time. It’s a unique food, after all. Only local people know how to cook it without any mistake.

Don’t wait until cold. You must serve it warmly. The spicy taste of the food will make you overwhelmed. This traditional food has a bright and reddish appearance. It makes Gulai Ikan Patin spicier. The fish has a soft texture. Once you take a bite on it, you may taste the flavors. The perfect partner for this food is rice. It’s definitely addicting. Many tourists come to Jambi for its traditional food. What about you? It’s a worthy experience.


Finding Gulai Ikan Patin

Jambi is a big province. There are many local eateries on the street. That means tourists can easily find Gulai Ikan Patin. Some people say that it’s difficult to look for Jambi’s traditional foods. It’s because most of the eateries serve other provinces’ culinary. The safest bet is the Warung Padang. There are numerous menus in such eatery. Gulai Ikan Patin isn’t an exception. Another favorite menu is Rendang. Regardless of the location, you should try Jambi’s special food. Don’t ever miss it.

Overall, Gulai Ikan Patin is considered as a spicy and flavorsome food. It’s suitable for those who love hot foods. The texture of the fish is quite soft. Not to mention the broth is tempting. It has red color and spicy taste. You won’t regret eating this food. A single portion of Gulai Ikan Patin is for 1-2 persons. That means you can eat it alone. Don’t forget to add some rice and vegetables. You family should try it as well. Happy eating!

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