Harlem Beach as a Place to Spend a Vacation in Indonesia

What do you know about Harlem beach? This unique beach is situated in Jayapura. That means you must go to Papua Island first. After all, you must spend a vacation in Indonesia some time. Jayapura is the capital of Papua. Local people depend mostly on farming. They cultivate both maize and rice. When it comes to mining, Jayapura is also famous. It has lots of gold, coal, phosphates, and oil. There are some forests and mountains, as well. If you have decided to visit Jayapura, you must enjoy its natural beauty. The prime highlight is its nautical loveliness. In this case, Harlem beach becomes one of the best destinations.

vacation in Indonesia-harlem beach

vacation in Indonesia – Harlem beach


Vacation in Indonesia – Reaching Harlem Beach

How can tourists visit the beach? No worries. It’s reachable. It’s located in Tablanusu village. Lots of people agree that it’s the best beach in Jayapura. Just because it’s isolated, doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. The beach hasn’t been visited by people. You can enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere here. You may feel you are enjoying your time on a private beach. The water is clear and the beach is sandy. What a great combination. The waves are small so you can enjoy both snorkeling and swimming. There are many sea animals below. You can even see them clearly.

vacation in Indonesia-harlem beach

vacation in Indonesia-harlem beach

Harlem beach is a great place to enjoy a vacation in Indonesia. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, you can simply enjoy the scenery. Some people also love to play in the sand. Around the beach, you are able to find a water pool. Once you have done playing at the beach, you can rinse your body here. No worries. The natural water is both clear and fresh. Tourists either call the beach as Harlen or Harlem. Still, most of them call it Harlem. In order to reach the beach, you need to visit a small island near to Jayapura.


Things to Learn

During holidays, there are some visitors at the beach. It’s quiet during normal days, though. People often visit Harlem beach as they are curious about it. Needless to say, they will provide positive reviews about the beach. It’s because there are no flaws at all. The only disappointment is the street. It’s bumpy. Plus, you should ride a boat to get to the island. From Jayapura, you must take a car to Depapre. It takes around 5 hours. The trip won’t be comfortable since the road is bad. You can also take public transportation.

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The price of the boat is Rp. 550.000. It helps you reach Harlem beach. The trip only takes 15 minutes. No worries. You need to enjoy the beautiful scenery, instead. Once you reach the beach, you can enjoy its breathtaking beauty. It has white sand and clear water. The beach is quite calm and the sand is soft. There’s nature pond here. You can refresh and rinse your body.  Before visiting the beach, you must prepare some snacks and bottled waters. This way, you don’t need to worry about the foods. Don’t forget to bring a camera. This is going to be a wonderful vacation in Indonesia.

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