A Hidden Beauty in Aceh – Aneuk Laot Lake

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So you are going to visit Indonesia in the near future. Have you gathered information about beautiful tourist places in Indonesia? Here’s a reference. You can choose Aceh. It’s a capital of North Sumatra. The city has lots of interesting places to visit. It offers unique cultures and attractions. What about nature? No worries. You can pick various tourist places. For starters, there’s a freshwater lake called Aneuk Laot. A lake retreat fits for everyone. You can enjoy the nature and relax. It gives you a peaceful feeling. It’s a perfect place to escape the busy life. Does your job make you stressed? It’s time to relax. This lake is indeed a good choice.


tourist places in Indonesia-danau aneuk laot

tourist places in Indonesia-danau aneuk laot


Visiting the Lake

Aneuk Laot Lake is situated in the midst of Sabang city. It’s a famous lake in Aceh The size is about 29 hectares. Many people love this lake. Thanks to its clear water and beautiful scenery. You will feel a peaceful ambiance here. Apart from a beautiful view and fresh water, the lake offers cool and fresh air. What a great place to relax! It has an elongated shape. It looks so unique. Some people often mistake it as a river. The green nuance makes it more stunning and calming. It’s a nice place either for a family vacation or honeymoon.

Aceh is one of the best tourist places in Indonesia. When visiting Aceh, you shouldn’t miss Aneuk Laot. It’s reachable from Sabang. You only need to spend 11 minutes riding either a public or private vehicle. The lake offers natural attractions. It has both amazing and beautiful sightseeing. Even though you visit it at noon, the location is shady. It’s cool and refreshing. Apart from the lake beauty, you can also enjoy sunset here. What about the night? It’s even more astonishing. The lake may capture the lamps reflection from Sabang city. It’s indeed dreamy.


More Things to Know

 Aneuk Laot is a big lake. The water is fresh. It becomes the source of hydroelectric power for the entire island. The view of the lake is quite lovely. You can either relax or swim here. The air is fresh and the location is in the shade. There’s a local legend. There was a beautiful princess who lived in this island. She asked the God to provide the island with fertility. In return, she gave away all her jewelry. Soon, an earthquake and heavy rain happened. It formed Aneuk Laot Lake. Since her wish came true. She had no more purposes in living. She threw herself into the sea. There’s no evidence of this story, though.

Once you have spent the whole day at Aneuk Laot, you should buy some gifts at local stands. Aceh becomes one of the most unforgettable tourist places in Indonesia. One thing, you must learn the best time to visit Indonesia too. Aceh is accessible for everyone. You can visit it for most time of the year. When it is about the perfect time to spend a holiday in Aneuk Laot, it’s either during spring or summer seasons. Why? The weather is mild. After all, the weather is always pleasant in Banda Aceh. Don’t worry about it.

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