A Hidden Jewel in East Java – Batu City

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Indonesia trip - Batu City

Indonesia trip – Batu City Malang East Java

An Indonesia trip always gives an amazing experience for tourists. Despite the destinations, you won’t get disappointed. For example, you can enjoy a vacation in East Java. It’s situated in the eastern part of Java Island. There are many cities to visit. These include Batu city. Perhaps many foreign tourists don’t recognize this beautiful town. Batu is surrounded by mountains. Thus, it’s a perfect destination for an adventure. It’s actually a tropical area. There is some potency here including fruits, properties, hills, and much more. It can be a nice place to enjoy the beauty of mountain panorama. Once you reach the location, you can feel the freshness of the mountain air.


About Batu City

Recently, the local government tries to promote Batu’s tourism potency. They rely on the natural beauty of the city. The warm pool Cangar is one of the pride of Batu city. The others are Agro tourism, Jatim Park, Mount Ukir, etc. Today, both foreign and domestic tourists visit it over time. Thanks to the mountain tour. Batu city becomes more popular every single day. There are also many facilities such as villas and hotels. These lodges are situated strategically. Visitors can spend the day and night while enjoying beautiful nuance of a mountain. There are thousands of beauties in Batu.

Apart from natural beauty, Batu city is also popular due to its culture. You can see traditional culture and art here. Your Indonesia trip will be amazing. For instance, there’s horse dance and traditional music. Not to mention there are painting and art galleries. When it is about local productions, Batu city is famous for vegetables, apples, and garlic. Don’t forget to visit the local apple farms. You can even eat fresh green apples here. The jaw-dropping beauty and cool mountain air will make this trip more interesting. It’s because Batu is near to Malang. The apples are great.


Lots of Tourist Spots in Batu

As mentioned earlier, Batu city is surrounded by mountains. There are some mountains such as Welirang, Arjuna, and Panderman. You won’t be bored here. Batu is a great holiday destination, after all. Once you get around the mountainous areas, it’s time to visit Selecta. This tourist resort is situated near to Mount Arjuna. It’s a comfortable place to relax. As a matter of fact, it has been used as a laid back resort since 1928. If you want to relax at the hot springs, Selecta is the best destination in Batu city. Next, it’s the apple picking in some villages around Batu. The best spots to pick fresh apples are Kusuma Agro and Punten village.


Indonesia trip – Batu Night Spectacular

An Indonesia trip never fails everyone. You only need to pay attention to the climate. The best time to visit Batu city is during the hot seasons. A holiday isn’t relaxing during the rainy season, after all. Your trip should be both fun and relaxing. Thus, you mustn’t ignore the climate and conditions in Indonesia. It’s your priority before visiting Java Island. Overall, East Java tourism never disappoints you. There are many natural beauties and cultural attractions here. Batu City becomes a newborn tour destination for both local and foreign visitors. What do you think?

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