Highly Spiced Meat from Bali – Betutu

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Asia tour destination - Betutu Bali

Asia tour destination – Betutu Bali (source: http://indonesiana.merahputih.com)

Bali is the most beautiful Island in Indonesia. No wonder. More tourists visit this paradise island over time. There are many reasons why Bali becomes a great Asia tour destination. It’s the beauty of nature. Bali offers various tourist destinations. Apart from that, there’s a famous traditional food called Betutu. It’s a signature dish of Bali. It’s actually a steamed duck or chicken. This spicy dish is quite popular in Lombok and Bali. You can even find a spicier Betutu. The super-spicy sauce will give you an unforgettable experience. Betutu is available both in restaurants and hotels in Bali. Today, you can also find it in other regions of the country.


About Betutu Bali

The cook takes 24 hours to cook this dish. This makes the dish special and tasty. You may find out that there are different ways of cooking and tastes of Betutu. It depends on each region, actually. There’s Klungkung chicken. The dish is stuffed with several spices. Gianyar Betutu is processed using plantain leaf wrapping. You can even get Gilimanuk Betutu. It’s very notorious due to its hot flavors. It includes lots of spices like coconut oil, ginger, black pepper, red pepper, garlic, turmeric, and onion. What a great dish!

Having Betutu as its traditional food, Bali is indeed a good Asia tour destination. How can you eat it? Eating with white rice is quite recommended. You can even include terasi sauce, fried peanuts, and kangkung. These are nice side dishes. Apart from chicken Betutu, you can opt for duck Betutu. Both of them are soft and tasty. It tastes even better with turmeric, lemongrass, and ginger. You shouldn’t miss Bebek Betutu. It’s quite intriguing. All tourists should try it. Today, it seems difficult to find this food in Bali. You must gather lots of info prior to hunting Bebek Betutu.


Finding the Place to Eat Betutu

In Bali, there are several places to eat Betutu. These include Bebek Bengil, Lotus Pond, Batan Waru Cafe, and Bumbu Bali. The price alters from one place to the other. It starts from $18-$29 per dish. In some cases, you need to order it one day before. It’s because the food takes much time to prepare and cook. Another thing that you should know is the role of Betutu. Local people consider it as a sacred food. They often give it to the high priests of their region. Balinese usually eat Betutu with side dishes and rice. You should try it as well

In summary, a vacation in Bali won’t be disappointing. You can have the best traditional food here. Apart from Betutu, there are many other foods that you must try. A great Asia tour destination like Bali also offers different restaurants. You can choose one based on your needs. Betutu also has an interesting history. This way of cooking was quite famous back then. Balinese place a piece of meat within a leaf. Next, they may place it on the ground. They use a heat source to cook the meat. The whole procedure takes much time. It can take more than a day, in fact. What a great dish!

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