The History of Sumatra Indonesia

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Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra Indonesia

One of the major islands in Indonesia is Sumatra. Tourists often come to the island. Thanks to the tourist spots. However, not all of them know Sumatra Indonesia history. Only local people have heard about the history of the island. No worries. helps everyone to learn about it. The traces of the first Sumatran dated back to more than 12,000 years ago. It appears the first Sumatrans were hunter-gatherers. They lived in the north coast of the island. Some of them also lived in Melaka strait.


About Sumatra Indonesia

Not until 2000 years ago the human remains were discovered. It was the time when people started living in the west part of Sumatra Island. There was a powerful kingdom in Sumatra. It was in the 7th Century. The name is Sriwijaya. The kingdom took control the island and the Melaka strait. The location of this enormous kingdom was near to the Palembang in the current day. Sriwijaya had the control over the trade route. Thanks to the Melaka strait.

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In the next 4 century, Sriwijaya controlled Cambodia, Malay, and Southern Thailand. However, Ravendra Choladewa conquered the kingdom. It became the Malayu kingdom. The next conqueror was Javanese. The kingdom fell to Javanese in 1278. Sumatra Indonesia moved their power houses to the north part of the island. It’s Aceh in the current day. During that time, most of the people in Sumatra were animist. The Muslim traders had a significant impact to their belief back then. Soon, the Sumatrans adopted their religion.

In the northern part of Sumatra, the Islamic Sultanates were enacted. They became the ruler of the Melaka strait. In the 17th century, the Dutch colonization began. Indonesia became one of the richest nations in the world for the next 320 years. Local people fought for their independence from the Dutch. Sumatrans weren’t the exception. Instead of giving their villages to the Dutch, Sumatrans decided to burn their houses. Not only had the Dutch, the Japanese also invaded the country.


Sumatra Indonesia in Recent Days

In the Second World War, the Japanese took over Indonesia. Sumatra Indonesia wasn’t an exception. You may find some caves near to Bukit Tinggi. These were built during the Japanese invasion. You can also find some Japanese bunkers in Pulau Weh. Thanks to the United States. They attacked Japan and made them surrender. Indonesia took an opportunity to gain independence from Japan. It took much time for the previous invader, the Dutch, to recognize Indonesia’s independence. The United Nations became a mediator. Thanks to them.

Sumatra Indonesia is also famous for the most devastating natural disaster in 2004. It was the biggest tsunami ever. It took lots of lives. In the past, there was also a separatist movement in Aceh. Thanks to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Aceh remains as one of Indonesia provinces. The majority of the Sumatrans are Muslims. There are also Christians, Catholics, and other believers. Today, Sumatra Island becomes one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia. Toba Lake is one of the best tourist attractions in Sumatra.

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