Witnessing a Horse Fighting in Southeast Sulawesi

horse fighting - kapogiraha

Horse Fighting – Kapogiraha Adhara (picture from arsal-arsenal.blogspot.co.id)

Southeast Sulawesi offers many interesting tourist destinations for you. In fact, lots of foreigners are interested in visiting the island. For instance, there are Bau-Bau, Kendari, Tolaki, Kolaka, and much more. If you want to witness a unique event, there’s horse fighting. It’s the fight between two horses. It has been a local attraction for decades. The Kings of Muna considered it as a cultural attraction in Muna Regency. Today, it becomes one of the best attractions in Southeast Sulawesi. In fact, it’s the only fighting horse in Indonesia.

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Visiting Muna Regency, horse fighting location

 People in Muna call it Kapogiraha Adhara. It’s the local language for horse fighting. In the past, such event was conducted to welcome honored guests of Muna Kingdom. Today, it becomes a common attraction in Southeast Sulawesi. Usually, it happens during the ceremony of Indonesia Independence. Local people also perform such attraction during big holidays. If you want to witness such horse fight directly, you must visit Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi. It’s situated in Latugho village. The villagers conduct such event on a regular basis.

Horse fighting becomes a common attraction in Latugho. It attracts both local and international tourists. You can reach the village from Raha city. You can either use a car or a motorcycle. It takes 20 km of the trip. Two male and big horses need to win the match by fighting. There are some qualifications, though. The owners of the horses should train them well. The result isn’t clear. Both horses may definitely fight well. There’s judge who leads the fight. He makes sure that the horses won’t get hurt badly.

Why do the horses fight? They want to protect their mates. At the beginning of the event, a male horse leads some female horses. On the other side, another male horse also leads their female horses. They have the instinct to protect their mates. This is the trigger of the fight. There are many allowed skills. These include a high kick, biting, etc. Horses are quite sturdy. They may fight well. That’s for sure.


Injury is Inevitable

The horse fighting often leads to injuries. The horses suffer some wounds. In some cases, it leads to death. Once the fight ends, the owner of the horse may apply some traditional herbs to the wounds. The purpose is to stop the bleeding. Infection is a common cause of death. Without a proper treatment, the wounds get worse. It should be quite troublesome for the owners. So, what do you thing about this traditional horse fight? Not all people love it. They consider it as a cruel event.

Local people in Southeast Sulawesi consider a horse fighting as an attraction. It has become the part of their culture. Thanks to the reputation of horse fighting. It attracts more visitors to Southeast Sulawesi. More foreign people visit Muna regency over time. It’s because they want to witness the fight directly. They also want to take pictures of the fight. If you are interested in watching the fight, you must learn the schedule. Don’t forget to talk to your local guide first. Have fun!

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