Exploring the Iconic place in Martapura – Perjaya Dam

Indonesia tour guide - the Perjaya Dam

Martapura – the Perjaya Dam (image source from donyangnosa.wordpress.com)

More people are looking for an Indonesia tour guide. It’s because they want to explore some places in this country. Do you want something unique? You can visit Martapura. It’s accessible by either cars or train. If you come from Palembang, the trip takes around 5 hours. What can you enjoy in Martapura, exactly? There’s a famous dam here. The name is Perjaya. In order to facilitate widespread production of rice and other crops, the government decided to build a dam. The Perjaya dam serves as the source of irrigation. It’s a significant facility of the city. Lots of rice fields depend on this dam.


A New Tourist Spot in Martapura

 Apart from being the source of irrigation, the Perjaya dam also becomes a tourism spot. The dam was built near to local civilization. Local people often visit the dam for a vacation. Today, foreign visitors are coming here. The dam is quite sturdy. The length is about 100 meters. It passes the Komering River. At the top of the dam, there are several monitoring posts. The dam actually uses the hydraulic system. Once you reach the top of the dam, you can see the Komering River. The scenery is beautiful. It looks like a lake. At the bottom of the dam, you may see some waterways. The current flows hard. The sound of the water is quite interesting.


Here’s the video from the above of Perjaya Dam:


An Indonesia tour guide gives you thorough information about the dam. As mentioned earlier, the dam serves more than a source of irrigation. In the afternoon, there are many young people here. The scenery is indeed amazing. This attracts visitors every day. People love to enjoy the dynamic of the water flows. There are some comfortable spots near to the dam. You can rest and relax here. What a good place to spend a vacation with your family. Some people also conduct a picnic in this location. The atmosphere is quite peaceful.

Bendungan Perjaya Okutimur

Bendungan Perjaya Oku timur


Eating Durian Near to the Perjaya Dam

Sometimes, there are fishermen around. Local people are looking for fishes here. Not to mention they may sell these fishes to visitors. The best time to visit Indonesia is during the summer. If you are lucky, you can eat durian. It’s a unique fruit. The smell is bad, though. The best location to look for durian is Rasuan village. The taste of the fruit is better than other locations. Once you eat the durian, you can continue your vacation. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t provide lots of accommodations here. It will be perfect if there’s a speed boat.

In summary, the Perjaya dam is a pride of Martapura. It becomes an important irrigation for the local farmers. Even though it also becomes an interesting tourist destination, there aren’t many events available. Basically, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries around the dam. It’s also a perfect place to relax. It helps you find peace. An Indonesia tour guide gives you a better preparation prior to visiting the island. South Sumatra isn’t only about Palembang. Martapura is also a worthy city for tourists. You must visit it someday.

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