Mangosteen, Important Facts And Health Benefit

Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen Fruit

Everyone should know health benefits of mangosteen. This fruit grows abundantly in tropical countries, especially Indonesia. The locals call it “Manggis”. It is rich in antioxidants, so you can take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties. It has significant capabilities to fight free radicals, cardiovascular diseases, and even mental weakening. The fruit is low in calories. On the other hand, it consists of lots of dietary fiber. When it comes to vitamins, the fruit offers abundant Vitamin C. It can fight infections and numerous types of diseases.

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About Mangosteen

The fruit’s color is purple. Each of them has a flower-like thing at the bottom. The thing is each flower specifies the segments contained inside. If you are looking fewer seeds, you must get one with the most pieces. This is a common tip in choosing the best fruit. If you are looking for a fruit with more flesh, you must pick one with the most flower petals. Even though the size is small, it tastes amazing! Almost all people love it.

The thing is mangosteen won’t ripe well unless you pick them in the right moment. It is better you harvest them when almost ripe. Also, you must eat them freshly. Apart from being a healthy fruit, it also gives a cooling or shooting effect. In Southeast Asia, you can get them easily. It has the same season as the durian. Instead of eating heavy fruits like durian, that small fruit is quite recommended. It also becomes a natural nullifier.

In many countries including Indonesia, the fruit becomes a traditional remedy. Even many botanists have approved its excellent effects. In fact, it has more health benefits than strawberry. No wonder, many people hunt this exotic fruit over time. Some traditional herbalists also take advantage of it. They are developing a cure for all diseases. It is said the skin also has amazing health benefits. On top of that, it has useful flesh and leaves. In a nutshell, the whole parts of the fruit are beneficial.


Hunting Mangosteen in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Jambi is the best producer of that fruit. You may have heard a rumor regarding the origin of mangosteen. It is said the fruit came from Malaysia. Though, the experts have denied such claim. Jambi is the real home of such glamorous fruit. Due to its popularity and health benefits, almost all people in Indonesia love it. They want to take advantage of its health benefits like curing cancer, fighting free radicals, fighting obesity, and much more. There have been many products made of this fruit, as well.

If you want to find the best mangosteen, you should go to Jambi. No worries. It will be an amazing journey. The province also offers good tourism. At least, you can enjoy eating the fruit while visiting some good spots there. If not, you can simply buy syrup or extracts from the herbal stores. Some drug stores provide them, too. When it comes to the price, it is affordable. It has similar effects to the real fruits, after all!

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