Indonesia Bali Dance and Its Exclusivity

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Indonesia Bali Dance - Pendet Dance

Indonesia Bali Dance – Pendet Dance

It is true Indonesia is a rich nation. Not only it offers many beautiful tourist attractions, but the country has tons of charming traditional dances. One of them is performed well by Balinese People. In fact, several types of dances are available! Despite people may recognize the performance is related to a story, it is not always like that. Instead, Indonesia Bali dance focuses on details of movements and expressions. The moves are both stunning and abstracts, after all. These include Legong, Sanghyang, Baris, Gabor, and Pendet Dance.

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The History of Indonesia Bali Dance

Some of Bali Dances apply religious content in their performance. However, they start developing due to the improvement of tourism popularity. The dances start neglecting such religious significance and apply some modifications instead. Still, they are worth watching. Not only the locals are into it, some foreigners are enthusiastic when it comes to enjoying Bali dance, regardless of the type of the performance. It also becomes a reason why more tourists keep coming to Bali. It is because they want to watch all the dances directly.

Apart from beautiful movements, Indonesia Bali dance also offers interesting history. In fact, it became the part of Feudalism Era. No wonder, the dance has undergone several developments as the time goes by. At the first time, it has been influenced by India culture. The influence has brought significant impacts on both traditional dances and local culture, in fact. In the past, both royal families and the locals perform Bali dance. Not only it became an interesting performance, but it was included in several religious ceremonies.

Due to modern influence, a traditional dance of Indonesia has been undergone several changes. That doesn’t mean the dance loses its characteristics! According to the development, there are two categories of the dance. They are North and South Bali dance. The north represents a fast and powerful characteristic, while the south one is considered softer. Still, both of them are expressive, as the dancers may involve the movements of the eyes and other parts of the face. The movements are called Nyledet, actually. This way, the dance becomes more attractive to the audience.


Some Features of Indonesia Bali Dance

When it comes to the accompaniment, Balinese Gamelan is the prime choice. The combination of Bali Dance and such traditional music creates a dynamic and harmonious performance. What about the rhythm? Well, it depends on the type of the dance. That means it is either slow or fast. Some of the performances even apply both of them. The next characteristic is related to the dancers. Some dances are only performed by men, including Baris, Jauk, and Topeng Dance. There are also dances, performed by women only. These include Sanghyang, Legong, and Pendet.

Moreover, Bali dance has two prime categories. First, it is the dance, performed for fulfilling religious or cultural purposes. Another one is the dance for entertainment. The first one is considered sacred, while the other is secular. Despite the difference, all categories of Indonesia Bali dance become a wonderful entertainment for the audience. This explains why Bali has become one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations among travelers! Don’t you agree?



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