Best Indonesia Tour in Central Sulawesi – Poso Lake

Poso Lake - Central Sulawesi

Poso Lake – Central Sulawesi

Planning an Indonesia tour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s because there are many tourist destinations to choose. Do you have any idea? Central Sulawesi should be your next vacation target. This region owns natural attractions such as dales, lakes, and mountains. All of them become tourism potency. It owns a jaw-dropping history as well. Still, the natural sociability and beauty become its irreplaceable assets for the tourism growth. There are many regions within this province. Poso has an astonishing natural beauty like Poso Lake. For many, the lake is unfamiliar. Though, it will amaze you once you get there.

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The Famous Lake in Central Sulawesi

The lake is well-known as the third biggest lake in the Republic of Indonesia. The depth is more than 300 meters, while the width is around 32000 hectares. All visitors can either rent a boat or walk around the lake by foot. Don’t forget to visit a famous Bancea Orchid Garden. You may find various wild orchids here. The best start point to visit Poso Lake is from Tentena city. If you come from Palu city, it takes no more than 9 hours trip using land transportation. What about the accommodation? No worries. There are several facilities around the location. These include guest houses, hotel, restaurants, and home stays.

The best location to spend the night is in Tentena city. It’s more comfortable and safer. When you reach the lake, there’s a motor boat rental. That means you are able to explore Poso Lake freely. Overall, the lake offers amazing scenery. While enjoying the fresh air and lovely view, you can walk around the lake with your family. Are you on an Indonesia tour honeymoon? Poso Lake won’t disappoint you. The sand is white clear. It reflects the sunshine perfectly. It also makes the scenery looks even fresher. Not to mention the water is quite clear.


Lots of Things to Do Here

In the rainy season, the water remains clear and clean. Most visitors bring their change clothes. You should do the same. It’s difficult to avoid the temptation. The fresh and clear lake water make you want to swim. There’s no rock beneath the lake, especially in its shallow part. The sand is bicolor so it makes the lake even prettier. The safest part is in the narrow water. You can play around freely here. Your feet won’t get hurt as there are no rocks below. Your eyes won’t be painful as the water isn’t salty. If you don’t like swimming, you can rent a motor boat. Locals call it “ketingting”.

Aside from its natural beauty, Poso Lake is also lively. There are local people doing daily routines such as fishing. That means you are able to fish on this lake as well. In some occasions, Sidat fishes are swimming around the lake. Some of them even reach the size of 2 m in length. The view around this lake is quite majestic. The birds are tweeting and flying across above you. Once you have done playing, it’s time to visit the Bancea garden. There’s a rare plant called Black Orchid. Don’t forget to take pictures on this unique orchid. It should be the part of your Indonesia tour plan.

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