Indonesia Information – Visiting Borneo

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Indonesia Information – Visiting Borneo and Its National Park

When it is about the widest province in the Republic of Indonesia, there’s East Kalimantan. This enormous region provides many types of attractions for tourists. The size of the province is more than 240,000 km2. According to tourism Indonesia information, more visitors come to this region every day. The Borneo Island is situated between Madura and Java Island. There are more visitors coming into this place. The capital city is Samarinda. So, what’s good about East Kalimantan? Apart from Samarinda, you can visit other cities. Tarakan is one of them. There are some famous tourist spots here. For instance, you can explore Kutai National Park.

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About Kutai National Park

The park is quite big. It is about 200,000 hectares in width. You can find lots of flora and fauna inside the park. There are also some rare plants and animals in this park. That means you are able to see Bekantan, Orangutan, rare orchids, etc. No worries. It’s easy to visit this location. You need only to drive from Samarinda to Bontang. It takes no more than 130 km. Once you read Bontang, you should use a speed boat on the way to Kaba Bay. It takes about 2 hours of the voyage. You will enjoy the trip, for sure.

Indonesia information-Borneo and Its National Park

Indonesia information-Borneo and Its National Park

Kutai National Park is a perfect place for numerous types of vacation. You need to gather much Indonesia information prior to visiting this park, though. Do you like animals? It’s good news. The park displays unique animals, especially Orangutan. They are held in sanctuaries, though. It’s true that their numbers are decreasing recently. The government should put lots of efforts to conserve this rare animal. It’s a guaranteed way to see these forest people. Today, the park contains approximately 36 Orangutans. Even though the forest had been struck by fires, the park remains beautiful. It’s even worth to visit the park alone.


Learn How Much You May Spend

Aside from Orangutans, you can also find frogs, lizards, insects, tarantula, rhino-birds, and many other animals. Preparation is important. You shouldn’t overlook the accommodation. There’s a ranger house in the middle of Kutai National Park. You can rest here comfortably. There are 2 rooms, a toilet, and a kitchen. The rent charge is quite affordable. It’s Rp.150.000 per night. One thing, you must bring your own water and food. Fortunately, there’s power in the evening. It only lasts for a few hours, though. For beginners, it’s better to plan a budget first. You should know how much you must spend here.

It’s important to look for Indonesia information tourism before visiting Kutai National Park. The cost of the boat ride to the park is about Rp.400.000. As mentioned earlier, the room charge is Rp.150.000 / night. Entrance fee is Rp.15.000 for adults. If you bring a camera, you must pay Rp.30.000. It’s a good idea to hire a guide. It costs you Rp.150.000, though. With this budget plan, you are able to enjoy your vacation without hassles. For those who don’t have an experience, you must hire a local guide. It’s a safer way to spend a few days in East Kalimantan.

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