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Holidays Indonesia - Pantai Tikus Bangka

Pantai Tikus Bangka

There are many ideas of Indonesia holidays. Bangka-Belitung is a worthy province to visit. You can find many attractive places to visit. Have you ever heard Pantai Tikus? You can learn from here later. First, you should know about this province. It consists of 2 major islands. They are Belitung and Bangka. There are also some smaller islands around them. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the newest provinces in Indonesia. The region is popular due to its unique culture, tin mines, and tourism spots. Thanks to its plentiful natural resources, Indonesia can grow richer. Not to mention it offers great destination spots for tourists.


About Pantai Tikus for Indonesia Holidays

Pantai Tikus (Tikus Beach) becomes one of Bangka-Belitung’s famous tourist attractions. It’s situated in Rebo Village, Sungailiat. The beach is famous due to its natural beauty. You can feel the smooth white sand of the beach and comforting breeze of the sea. It offers similar beauty to other beaches in Bangka-Belitung. It’s unspoiled and there are numerous granite boulders around it. Even though it has ‘Tikus’ in its name, there are no rats at all around the beach. On the contrary, the beach offers magnificent beauty and unspoiled panorama. It can be your best place to capture beautiful moments around the beach. There are nearby beaches, as well. These include Teluk Uber and Tanjung Pesona beach.


Some Tips

If you have decided to visit Pantai Tikus, you need to make a preparation. First of all, you must consider about the climate. There are two best times for visiting the beach. First, it’s around February and March. Second, it’s October-November. It’s because the waves and the wind are low. As a preparation, you need to pack a spray bottle of vinegar. It can soothe any pain when you get stung by animals. If you decide to stay for a long time in Bangka-Belitung, you need to find the best hotel based on your budget.

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Overall, Bangka-Belitung is a nice province to visit. Your Indonesia holidays won’t be disappointing. Pantai Tikus makes it more attractive to visit. The richness of this island has attracted more visitors over time. Not to mention it’s rich of maritime attractions. It’s definitely the magnet of a tourism industry. Both local and newcomers can enjoy the beauty of the beach. It also offers numerous cultures so you can learn something here. The beach is suitable for everyone. Whether you visit it alone or with companies, you will get an amazing experience. helps you learn basic things about the beach, after all.


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