Indonesia is a very Rich Country

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Republic of Indonesia

There are many interesting things about a rich country like the Republic of Indonesia. It’s one of the countries in Southeast Asia. It has a very strategic location so it’s suitable for trading. The nation lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Moreover, it’s the largest archipelago in the world. Currently, there are more than 13,000 islands available. With more than 200 million people, it becomes one of the most populous nations in the world. The majority of the people are Muslim. Most of the people live in Java Island.



Map Of Indonesia


The Government

There are 34 provinces of Indonesia. The nation applies a republic and democratic system. There’s a president and elected legislature. The capital of the country is Jakarta. Actually, it becomes the most populous city in the nation. The nation shares borders with other nations like East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. The others nearby countries are Australia and Singapore. The nation also becomes a member of the G-20 major economies. As one of the founding members of the Association of South East Asia Nation, it has a significant impact on the world’s economy.


The Culture

 When it is about Indonesia, there are many things to discuss. The country has a mixed culture between indigenous customs and international influences. As mentioned earlier, the country is situated in a strategic trading route. That means it had been visited by lots of nations. Not to mention it was influenced by many religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.  This makes an intricate cultural mixture. In fact, there is the fusion of the religions and the local cultures.

Indonesia also takes great influences from western culture. Both technology and science have improved the Indonesian’s life. In terms of entertainment, India also has a significant role. There are many Indonesian movies and songs influenced by Indian culture. For instance, there’s Dangdut. It’s affected by Indian songs. It’s also affected by Malay and Arab traditional music. Even though foreign culture has significant impacts on Indonesian culture, there are some unspoiled indigenous cultures of the country. Some of them are Toraja, Dayak, Mentawai, and Dani ethnic groups.


The Resources

There isn’t much oil in Indonesia. However, the nation has abundant natural resources like nickel and coal. Moreover, it’s also rich in forest resources. The world has recognized this nation as one of the best nickel producers on the planet. There are also many coal mines. Papua and Sumatra are the best producers of coal. The country is also proud of its gold mines. The most famous company is Freeport. What’s more? The nation has abundant forest resources. Most of the part of the country is the forest. Both palm oil and wood are the best commodities.

Unfortunately, there are many illegal activities regarding the natural resources. Burning forest and illegal logging have ruined the forest. As the result, Indonesia suffers from severe pollution. Many endangered animals are threatened due to those acts. Despite this unfortunate event, the country is quite fertile. Thanks to its volcanoes. There’s no winter so farmers can take advantage of the weather for growing different types of crops. The country is also good in agricultural aspect. Local farmers work hard to produce more crops over time.


Indonesia Tourism

 Apart from the culture and natural resources, Indonesia has a significant value in tourism. It’s one of the most important components of the country. It helps them gain more foreign exchange incomes. Tourists won’t get bored there. It’s because there are many islands to explore. The tourism sector may increase over time. The country also has many traditional dances. It becomes one of the most interesting tourist attractions. For example, there’s Barong dance in Bali. Mostly, the foreign visitors come from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

Indonesia has the biggest Buddhist temple of the planet. The name is Borobudur. It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The temple is located in central Java. There are more than 500 statue and thousands of relief. The most visited region is Bali. It’s a beautiful island. Bali offers many astonishing beaches, lakes, temples, and mountains. Most of the visitors come from Australia. The terrorist attacks decreased the number of visitors, though. Foreigners became afraid of visiting Bali.

Most of the tourists also want to visit the biggest lake in Indonesia. The name is Lake Toba. It’s situated in Sumatra Island. It’s actually a massive volcanic lake. The length is about 100 km and the width is 30 km. The lake was formed due to a great volcanic eruption. In the midst of the lake, there’s a small island. The name is Samosir Island. Tourists often visit the island to rest and relax. Overall, Lake Toba is one of the best tourist spots in Indonesia.


The Animals

Indonesia is also rich in animals. There are many exotic animals in this country. For instance, there’s the Komodo dragon. It’s world’s rarest lizard. Komodo lives mainly in Komodo Island, Flores. There are some of them in Papua Island. Currently, there are more than 3900 Komodo dragons in Komodo Island. The island also contains forests, volcanic hills, and savannah. Divers often visit the island due to its beautiful coral reefs. Simply put, the island becomes one of the best tourist destinations of the country.

Apart from Komodo dragon, there’s also Anoa. Many people don’t know that it’s the smallest buffalo in the world. Local people call it the forest buffalo or sapiutan. The midget buffalo lives mostly on Sulawesi Island. Their favorite habitat is in the rainforest. Unfortunately, local people often hunt them for foods. Even though they consider it as an edible animal, some of them think that Anoa is poisonous. The animal has sharp horns and they can run fast. When visiting Sulawesi, tourists must witness this amazing creature of Indonesia country.

Another famous animal in Indonesia is Orangutan. It’s a unique animal. Mature orangutans often spend their time alone in the wild. They are considered a solitary animal. Their prime habitats are in the North Sumatra and Borneo Island. They spend most of their time on the tree. The adult orangutans can reach a weight of 130 kg. It can be even more than that.  The male orangutans have the cheek pads. These make their face looks bigger. Today, it becomes one of the most protected animals in the country.


The Plants

When it is about famous plants of Indonesia, there are many unique floras available. The most famous one is the Titan Arum. Local people call it Bunga Bangkai. It’s the biggest flower in the world. It has an unpleasant smell when it blooms. It’s widely available on Borneo Island. The world also recognizes it as Rafflesia Arnoldi. It can reach up to 3 meters in high. The smell is similar to the corpse. The name “bangkai” means corpse, actually. Despite its bad smell, the flower is quite famous worldwide.

The next famous plant of Indonesia is the Phalaenopsis Amabilis. The local name is Anggrek Bulan. The government makes it as the national flower. It’s wildly available in Borneo, Java, Papua, and Ambon. The astonishing beauty makes it known around the globe. Foreigners often buy it as a decoration. Thanks to the high demand of Anggrek Bulan. The country earns lots of revenues from foreign buyers. The best location to buy the flower is in Cikampek. In fact, it’s the largest Anggrek Bulan farm of the country.

Indonesia also has jasmine. It’s considered as a national symbol. The most famous species is the Jasminum Sambac. The local name is Melati Putih. People often use the flower for traditional and religious rituals. Another famous flower is Kenanga. It’s originated from Maluku. However, the flower grows well almost in all parts of the country. The flower becomes a main ingredient for cosmetic oils and perfumes. Both local and foreigners love the smell of Kenanga flower.


Travel Tips to Indonesia

Indonesia becomes a top tourist destination in South East Asia. However, beginners need to learn some tips prior to visiting the country. First, they need to learn how to bargain. Bargaining is a compulsory skill for tourists. Local sellers often put high price tags on their items. If tourists don’t bargain aggressively, they won’t get a nice price. It should start at the half of the price. The sellers are likely to give up if tourists decide to leave them.

There are many street food stalls in public places. One of the best things about Indonesia is its foods. The most famous traditional culinary of the country are Gudeg, Tongseng Kambing, Empek-Empek, Mie Aceh, Lumpia, Papeda, Rendang from Padang, and many others. In fact, each province has its own unique food. The price is affordable. If tourists decide to eat at restaurants, the price is more expensive. Warung Padang is also a famous culinary destination in Indonesia.

Overall, Indonesia is one of the best countries in the world. It’s rich in culture and tourism. Many foreign visitors come to this nation to enjoy the beauty of beaches, delicious foods, and unique creatures. No worries. There are many local guides available. They will help visitors warmly. If someone decides to visit Indonesia, he or she should learn a little bit of Bahasa Indonesia. It will be useful when it comes to bargaining later

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