A Wonderful Indonesia Tour in Kiluan Bay Lampung

A great country like Indonesia never disappoints tourists. There are many types of Indonesia tour available. One of them is Kiluan Bay. It’s located in Lampung, Sumatra. It’s quite similar to Lovina beach, Bali. What is the best thing about the bay? Well, this is a perfect location to enjoy snorkeling. There are dolphins living nearby. You can witness such beautiful creature while enjoying a good time at the white sand beach. Those bottle-mounted dolphins migrate every day in Kiluan Bay.

Indonesia Tour in Kiluan Bay Lampung

Indonesia Tour in Kiluan Bay Lampung


Visiting the Bay for Indonesia tour

Kiluan Bay is located in Kelumbayan district. If you come from Bandar Lampung, you must spend a long trip to reach the location. For foreigners, they must take a plane to Soetta Airport Jakarta. Once they reach the capital of Indonesia, they must continue their journey by crossing the Sunda strait. A travel agent will take care of everything. Make sure that you choose the best agency. The sea trip may take 2-3 hours. It depends on the current weather, too.

Once you reach the Bakaheuni harbor, the next destination is Bandar Lampung. You may reach Kiluan village from this city. The trip takes up to 3 hours. There are many local vehicles to rent. It becomes an interesting Indonesia tour for everyone. You need to be careful while driving. The street is quite challenging. Fortunately, you are able to enjoy beautiful scenes during the trip. There are some hills, local animals, and ponds. It’s an amazing trip. You may see some goats and cows along the way.

At the Kiluan Bay, there’s a vacant parking area. That means you can park your vehicle easily. Apart from the dolphins, the bay is also famous for its sea turtle. There are two famous species of sea turtle. They are the hawksbill turtle and the green sea turtle. What about the dolphins? You can find them easily. Thanks to their numbers. However, you must rent a local boat to reach those dolphins. The local boat is quite small. It carries no more than 4 people. No worries. The boatman is reliable.

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The Beautiful Sea Creatures

Around the bay, you can witness adorable sea turtles. They make a nest beneath the sand. At night, you are able to see them climbing the beach. It’s because they want to lay the eggs. If you are lucky, you are able to observe the journey of the hatchlings to the ocean. It’s a spectacular view to watch. Overall, Kiluan Bay is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation. When visiting Lampung, the bay should be your top destination. You can enjoy many things there.

Lampung is a good province. Thanks to its beaches. You are able to visit a beautiful nature like Kiluan Bay. The white sand and beautiful sea creatures make the bay as one of the best destinations for an Indonesia tour. It’s also a perfect place to relax. Don’t forget to bring a camera. You can enjoy the beauty of the beaches along with your family or friends. It won’t be a disappointing vacation. No worries. The local guides will help you with many things.

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