Indonesia Travel Advice for Visiting Alas River

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Indonesia Travel Advice For Visiting Alas River in Aceh

What do you know about Aceh? You can’t be reckless visiting such region without a proper Indonesia travel advice. Aceh is indeed rich of unique cultures and events. All people will be happy visiting this region. If you love diving, it’s a perfect destination for you. Yet, some historical and tourism sites have been damaged by the massive disaster in 2004. You can still have a great time in Aceh, though. For instance, there’s a great tourism destination called Alas River. It’s situated in Aceh Province. This is, in fact, the longest river in the region. It flows to the Indian Ocean passing through Lauser national park.

About Alas River

Indonesia Travel advice - alas river aceh

Alas River Aceh

What is the meaning of Alas River? The name comes from the Alas tribe. It’s the native tribe who lives in Southeast District of Aceh. The river flows in the entire part of the Alas community. It’s located in Takengon. It’s suitable for those who are adventurous and young. If you have guts, you need to face the challenges of the current. The river is suitable for rafting. It can boost your adrenaline rush. In fact, many local and international tourists come to this place. They want to feel the excitement. What about you? You need to take the dare someday.

How can you get to Alas River? With a proper Indonesia travel advice from us, you can get there easily. Basically, there are two routes. The easiest one is the land route. The first point is Medan. You need to visit Brastagi from such city. It takes 7-hour driving. The best vehicle to ride is an SUV. It’s both comfortable and subtle. Apart from land routes, you can use an overland route. It’s through Banda Aceh and Takengon. The trip takes approximately 13 hours. If you want the simplest option, you can ride a small plane through Alas Leuser airport.

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Important Things to Know

 If you are going to overstay around this tourist destination, you should prepare tents. You can sleep and rest on the riverbank of the river. After all, you become one with nature. It’s both adventurous and challenging. You can even roast fishes and enjoy the night with your group. Spending the night around Alas River gives you a great memory. As an alternative, you can stay at wooden huts in Gayo Lues. Each hut accommodates 2 persons. No worries, it has ample balcony and room. You need to spend Rp. 75,000 / person per night. For breakfast and dinner, you need to spend more money.

Overall, Alas River is a great place to visit. It’s an interesting tourist spot in Aceh. Thanks to its amazing nuances of tropical forests, you are able to enjoy both peace and fun. The river has both fast and flat current. It can be wild sometimes. If you are bold enough, you need to take the challenge. Rafting is the most popular activity in this tourist destination. Not to mention there are wild animals around such as deer, birds, primates, and much more. They often go to the river for water. Use this Indonesia travel advice to help you get there!

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