Indonesia Travel Guide – The Jahir Dive Site

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Indonesia travel guide - lembeh resort

Indonesia travel guide – lembeh resort (picture from

Diving in North Sulawesi Sea – The Jahir Dive Site becomes your Indonesia travel guide. You can browse Indonesia tourism here. Today, you are going to learn about North Sulawesi tourism. What’s good about the province? It’s actually an exotic region. The capital of the province is Manado. The local people call themselves Minahasan. There are 3 prime religions in North Sulawesi. These include Buddha, Hindu, and Islam. Manado is famous for its culture. They also have delicious traditional foods. The women are pretty. Most of the tourists want to taste the local foods. Fortunately, there are many restaurants available. Do you want to try some? There are Manado porridge, Jaha Rice, and others.

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A New Site Dive in North Sulawesi for Indonesia Travel Guide

Once you enjoy the local foods, it’s time to visit the tourism places in North Sulawesi. Jahir dive site is a prime destination for those who love diving. It’s famous among divers. The dive site is popular due to its Zebra crab. There are also Ambon scorpion fish here. You can also find eels and frogfish. If you want to witness stargazer, you must come to the site during a nighttime. Jahir is actually a new dive site in North Sulawesi. It’s revealed by the dive escorts. Divers are able to dive easily and cruise over the sea-bed.

Indonesia travel guide - The Jahir Dive Site - harlequin shrimp

Indonesia travel guide – The Jahir Dive Site – harlequin shrimp (picture from


Jahir dive site becomes more popular over time. Indonesia travel guide also recommends it as one of the best destinations in North Sulawesi. It also becomes one of the newest dive sites in Manado. Most of the area is sandy. There are also some coral blocks. Once you dive here, you can find many Purple Heart urchins. The dive site is situated in Lembeh strait. It’s in Makawide. The depth varies. It starts from 3 meters – 30 meters. Remember, the current can be strong sometimes. Beginners shouldn’t dive alone. There are local diving instructors available. You can rely on their help.


Tips for Beginners

As mentioned earlier, Jahir dive site has moderate to strong current. Beginners shouldn’t be careless. The most important thing is to enjoy the time. Diving isn’t always thrilling. It’s just as fun as other types of sports. If you want to dive in Jahir, you should find the reason. Is it for fun? Is it for the new experience? Is it for the animals? Each of you has different motives. If you come with friends, it can be more interesting. The whole process is fun. Regardless of your experience, you can drive in Jahir. An instructor will help you enjoy this activity.

Not all divers can enjoy the beauty of Jahir dive site. In this case, you must follow the instruction first. The guide will lead you into some beautiful spots. Don’t waste your time and energy. Once you know how to dive correctly, you can enjoy the sea thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The coaches or instructors deal with numerous divers. If you don’t ask questions, they won’t approach you. After reading this Indonesia travel guide, you can enjoy your vacation in North Sulawesi. The best time to spend a vacation in Jahir dive site is during summer. It’s a good destination for a family vacation, as well.

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