An Indonesia Trip to Lombang Beach Madura

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Indonesia trip - Lombang Beach Madura Island

Indonesia trip – Lombang Beach Madura Island

A Charm of the Beach

Madura has suffered enough. It’s considered as the most conflicted island in Indonesia. Fortunately, it becomes better over time. More people conduct Indonesia trip. Thanks to the tourism industry. The most noticeable landmark is the Suramadu Bridge. It connects Java and Madura Island. Not to mention it becomes more interesting for visitors. Madura has many interesting places for tourists. One of the allures is its Lombang beach. Today, both local and foreign visitors want to experience a beautiful vacation in this beautiful coast of Madura.


Visiting Lombang Beach

Lombang beach is situated in Sumenep. It’s the east part of Madura Island. The beach is decorated with some trees. It looks more beautiful that way. Most of the visitors want to feel the breeze of the coast. They want to relax and free their mind. If you are looking for a peaceful place, Lombang is your destination. Thanks to the facilities. You can feel comfortable during your vacation. You can enjoy ample facilities provided by the local government.

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Apart from beach activities, you can do more in Lombang beach. There are other interesting things to do for this Indonesia trip. For instance, you can watch numerous local performing arts. At night, you can eat grilled fish with your family. No worries. There’re lodging facilities for tourists. You can spend the night at cottages nearby. The buildings are made of woods and rattan walls. You can feel the natural and warm atmosphere while sleeping in Sumenep. The cottages are quite exotic.


Find the Reason to Go There

Lombang beach becomes a tourist attraction due to its beauty. Many foreign tourists are interested in coming here. You must do the same. Not to mention there are many travel agencies that recommend tourists from other cities to come there. Apart from being a favorite tourist spot for foreigners, the beach is also popular among domestic tourists. Most of the visitors are Javanese, Balinese, and others. What a great place to spend a family vacation! Just pack your bags and go now.

Indonesia trip - Lombang Beach Madura Island

Lombang Beach Madura Island (source

The best time to conduct an Indonesia trip is during holidays. Lombang beach is more crowded by people during Christmas, Eid, and other holidays. It’s a worthy vacation. You can enjoy the beautiful white sand, clear water, and soothing wind there. Lombang beach is still unpolluted. The waves are small so you can do water sports like snorkeling or swimming. There’s no reason to miss this opportunity. Overall, Lombang offers both comfort and astonishment for tourists. You won’t get disappointed, for sure.


Things to Prepare

Since you have decided to do an Indonesia trip, you must make a preparation. First of all, you must learn how to get to Lombang beach. Your local tourist guide may help you. Therefore, you need to find a reliable tourist agency. The next consideration is the clothes. You can expect to play water sports on that beach. Bring the spare clothes as you will get wet later. Some tourists are likely to bring sunblock and digital camera. You should consider these items, too. Once you get there, you can either relax or play around the beach. Have fun!

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