Indonesia Vacation Package A Mysterious Falls in Jambi

Indonesia vacation packages - Air Terjun Tegan Kiri

Indonesia vacation packages – Air Terjun Tegan Kiri

Indonesia Vacation Package – Tegan Kiri Waterfall

If you are looking for unique Indonesia vacation packages, you should consider Jambi. It’s an interesting province. It’s actually a part of Sumatra Island. The name of its capital is Jambi city. In the past, there was the Sriwijaya Kingdom in this region. The next ruler was the Majapahit Kingdom. However, Minangkabau people took over this region once Majapahit fell. Jambi was influenced much by the Dutch. Thanks to the alliance. Jambi grew into a trade center. Today, it becomes an intriguing tourist destination among both local and foreign visitors. One of its best spots is Bungo regency. Here you can visit the Tegan Kiri waterfall.

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A Secluded Waterfall in Bungo Regency

Actually, Bungo regency offers numerous attractions for visitors. Tegan Kiri is one of them. The fall offers an astonishing view. It’s still genuine. The height of the fall is about 10 meters. It’s situated in Rantau Pandan region. Apart from being a water source for the villagers, Tegan Kiri also becomes a nice vacation destination for tourists. Who’s the founder of this majestic fall? It was Orang Kubu. Today, the descendants of the founders become the official guards of the waterfall. They both guard the parking area and the entrance of the fall. You can feel safe while spending your time here.

Many tourism agencies include Tegan Kiri waterfall into their Indonesia vacation packages. The fame of this fall increases over time. The location is reachable. If you come from Bungo, you need to spend at least 30 km of driving. You can use either a car or motorcycle. The admission fee varies. It depends on the age and country. Normally, it costs around 15,000 IDR. The parking fee is a little bit expensive. You must spend 4000 per vehicle. Once you reach the location, you must go down to see the waterfall. Even though it may be a little bit tiring, you won’t be disappointed.


Several Things to Know

Remember, you are going to get wet. The splash of the waterfall will make the visitors soaked. Due to this reason, you must bring extra clothes. The closer you come to the waterfall, the wetter you will be. The local guide prevents visitors from getting too close to the fall. It’s a little bit dangerous. If you come with your kids, you must keep an eye on your children. The last thing to do is to look for the tour package. For cheaper tour packages, you must compare some sites on the internet. There are several discounts available.

So, what do you think? Are you visiting Tegan Kiri waterfall? Perhaps you have never heard about the fall before. This tourist destination is worth a visit. You won’t get disappointed, for sure. In the end, you can brag about the beauty of such fall. You can either come alone or with families. Don’t forget to find the best Indonesia vacation packages out there. You can save much money on it. When it is about the climate, you must choose the dry season. The fresh water of the fall will make you comfortable.

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