Indonesian Currency Facts that You Should Know

Indonesian Currency

Indonesian Currency

Each nation has a currency. What about Indonesia? The name is Rupiah. People who live in Indonesia should use Rupiah as primary transaction tool. Despite its name, Indonesian currency has some astonishing facts. It’s fun to learn them. People often call it as Perak. It’s an informal name of Rupiah. The name comes from the Mongolian language, which is Rupia. The meaning is perak. Do you know that Indian currency / Rupee also contains the same meaning? Still, there’s no connection between Rupiah and Rupee.

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About Indonesian Currency

As mentioned earlier, there are some mind-blowing facts about Indonesian currency. For instance, there was another currency back then. Indonesia used ORI as the first currency. They used it after the Independence Day until the next 4 years. In 1949, the country changed its currency into Rupiah. It’s what people use now. Like other currencies, Rupiah contains unique details. For example, you can find Indonesia Raya lyrics on 50,000 IDR (WR.Soepratman). However, it’s no longer available. The government stopped its production since 1999.

It’s known that Rupiah contains some small amount of nominal. These include 100, 200, 500, and 1000. In the past, the government produced bigger amounts of metal-based Rupiah like 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000. There was even 100,000 IDR in changes. These were produced in 1995. There were only 3000 chips back then. Today, many collectors hunt them aggressively. The prices are indeed expensive. Such chip has an approximate weight of 50 gram. The surfaces of the coins include the face of Soeharto the President and Garuda national symbol.

In the 1960s, Riau Province owns a different currency. The government prohibited the usage of Riau’s currency since 1964. Another province that applied different currency is West Papua. They used it from 1961-1971. Today, all provinces have applied Rupiah as the prime currency. Almost all paper-based Rupiah includes a face of national hero and a cultural landmark. For instance, 1000 IDR includes Patimura Captain on its front surface. In the back, there’s Maitara and Tidore Island. They are the icons of Maluku.


More Information about Indonesian Currency

Here’s the next fact. 20,000 IDR has been chosen as a unique one in the world. It’s based on They consider Ki Hajar Dewantara, the man in the money paper, being confused. They say that this man wears a puzzled-looking face. What’s more? Thanks to the former president, Habibie. Indonesian Rupiah had ever reached the number of Rp. 6500 / 1 USD. This man did many things to keep this number intact. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long as a president. The power of Indonesian currency weakens over time.

Overall, Indonesian currency has been evolving as the time goes by. There are two forms of IDR. They are coins and banknotes. Tourists are able to exchange their currency in numerous money changers. Hotels and other public places provide such facilities for them. No worries. Many places also accept other currencies. USD is common among sellers. Bali is one of the provinces where people can use Dollar in a transaction. Today, IDR remains weaker than USD. Hopefully, it gets better in the near future.

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