Indonesian Fried Rice Recipe and Its History

Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice Recipe

Indonesia fried rice recipe has been recognized worldwide. It also becomes the part of nation’s culinary. Most of the people consider fried rice only belongs to this country. The local name is Nasi Goreng. This type of culinary has been there since thousands of years ago. It was Tionghoa culture. These people didn’t want to waste the remaining of their dishes. They cooked the rice so they could eat it later. They included some spices to the rice and cooked it well. It was the first invention of fried rice.

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Learning Fried Rice Recipe

Actually, fried rice is a common culinary in Asia. Each country has a unique way to cook it. Indonesia isn’t an exception. There are many stories behind it. For instance, there were Dutch women who looked for new methods to cook rice. They did many experiments and used different types of Indonesian spices. As the result, they invented Nasi Goreng. Not all people believed in this story, though. Overall, fried rice has been one of the best Indonesia foods.

So, what do people need to cook fried rice? They may need some ingredients like peanut oil, chilies, tomato sauce, bean sprouts, prawns, lettuce, eggs, garlic, tomatoes, and jasmine rice. The first thing to do is to heat the oil in a pan. They must use a medium heat. Once it becomes hot, they can add garlic and chili. The approximate heating is 2 minutes. Next, they must put the rest of the ingredients and toss them for another 2 minutes. The last ingredient to use is the rice. Fry it for a few minutes. Parsley is often used as a garnish. As an alternative, they can use slices of cucumber.


Various Types of Fried Rice

When you spend a vacation in Indonesia, you can easily find fried rice stalls nearby. Usually, you can find them at night. Fried rice is both suitable for breakfast and dinner. You can even tell the cook to increase or decrease the number of chilies. Also, you are able to ask for more rice. Some buyers love to eat fried rice alongside with sunny eggs. The others want the eggs to be mixed with the rice. It’s your call. You only need to tell the cook regarding your preferred fried rice.

You can also find Indonesian fried rice in a restaurant. Hotels in Indonesia also provide it in their menu. Here’s the best thing. You can find various types of fried rice. The most popular one is Nasi Goreng Jawa. This type of fried rice is a little bit spicy. Thanks to its Sambal Ulek. The prime ingredients are local chicken meat, sunny eggs, and scrambled eggs. In Semarang, you can find fried rice that comes with Babat meat. Nasi Goreng Kambing is another popular type of fried rice. You should try it.

Overall, Indonesian fried rice recipe is unique. Many foreigners come to Indonesia for eating authentic Nasi Goreng. Not only they are impressed with the spices of the fried rice, but they also want to feel the local restaurant atmosphere. Why are there many types of Nasi Goreng in Indonesia? Each region has a distinct recipe. That means each of the recipes has its own uniqueness. Do you want to try them all?

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