Indonesian People and Their Characteristics

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Indonesian People

Indonesian People

What is the reason to visit Indonesia? Apart from its beauty and culture, you may find unique characteristics of Indonesian People. Here is the thing. Each nation has its culture and local people. Indonesia is not an exception. Even though this country has different tribes, most of them share similar individualities. Due to this reason, many foreigners are attracted to Indonesian. The most recognized characteristic is the friendliness. People living in this country are quite approachable. They are warm and happy. No wonder, they will smile at you without reasons.

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Some Unique Traits of Indonesian People

People in Indonesia seem quite happy. Many Westerners are amazed by this fact. Regardless of economic conditions, local people look so happy. These people value life and togetherness. In many cases, they can talk and laugh casually with new people. It is just the similar to when they talk to their friends. Also, these people live with no burden. They often gather with friends and enjoy good snacks. It seems their life is quite easy. Regardless of their professions, they love to relax.

Even though Indonesian People have a casual life, they are indeed a hard worker. Most of them get up early in the morning and get prepared for working. In the villages, the people have never missed the work. The similar thing happens in the city. It is likely they fall in love with their job. No wonder, many of them have become a successful person. These people know how to work hard and how to enjoy life. Aren’t they great?

Apart from hardworking characteristic, they are also religious. Indonesia has different religions. Most of the people are Moslems, actually. That means you may expect many mosques and prayers. The other religions are Christians, Catholics, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Konghucu. In Bali, you may expect more Hindu people. There are many temples, as well. One thing, you may expect to meet some atheists. Though, these people aren’t likely to be vocal in public. It is because Indonesia only recognizes people with religion.


Getting Closer to Indonesian People

Also, people in Indonesia are quite creative. Many of them have become an artist. Moreover, you may expect many dancers, musicians, painters, and other artists. Due to this reason, you can find many artworks in each region. Indonesia is a rich country and it is the home of thousands of local artists. Some of them also create beautiful fabrics and carvings. Tourists can buy these items as souvenirs. In fact, it is also possible to learn some local arts from those people.

Overall, Indonesian People are worthy friends. Many foreigners have made new friends in this country. Some of them even have married to Indonesian. During a vacation to Indonesia, you will have a wonderful experience. If you are lucky, local people may invite you to their house. They treat you with some local delicacies. It is wise to learn the Indonesian Language so you can communicate with these people easily. As an alternative, you can take advantage of a tour guide. He becomes your interpreter during a vacation to Indonesia.

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