Indonesian Traditional Medicine – the Jamu Tea

Jamu Tea

Jamu Tea

Indonesia has a unique traditional medicine. The name is Jamu. Foreigners also call it Jamu tea. It’s actually herbal medicine. Local people use natural ingredients to make Jamu. These include roots, fruits, leaves, flowers, and other parts of the plants. There are also other ingredients like honey, local eggs, royal jelly, and milk. Jamu tea is available in all regions of Indonesia. It’s easier to find in Java Island, though. Most of the sellers are women. They wear Kebaya clothes and travel from one village to another. Local people call them Mbok Jamu.


The Popularity of Jamu Tea

Jamu tea is also available in big cities. You can find some local stands out there. Some sellers also use a bicycle to promote their items. Indonesia has some herbal medicine factories. When it comes to Jamu, there are Djamu Djago, Nyonya Meneer, and Air Mancur. The products are available in drug stores. These usually come in sachets. In order to drink packaged dried jamu, you must dissolve it in hot water prior to drinking. You can also find other forms of Jamu like capsules and tablets.

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What is the history behind Jamu? Some people say it came from the Mataram Kingdom. That means Jamu has been around more than a thousand years ago. In the past, people use a pestle and stone mortar to make jamu tea. It was found in an area near to Mount Sundoro. If you visit Borobudur temple, you can find the image of people make something with pestle and stone mortar. The image is displayed in the bas-reliefs of the temple. It’s interpreted as the ancient Java treatment or herbal medicine.

At the first time, Indonesian physicians weren’t fond of Jamu. The popularity was increasing over time, though. Today, people Jamu is recognized by people around the world. Indonesia is famous for its various herbs products. Not to mention the sales of traditional medicine and cosmetics improve significantly in the past few years. President Joko Widodo even drinks Jamu every day. He believes that it helps him improve his health. In fact, Jamu has many health benefits like improved digestive functions, liver repair, etc.


The Most Common Types of Jamu

 There are some famous Jamu drinks in Indonesia. One of them is Beras Kencur. It has significant health benefits for drinkers. For example, it replenishes the stamina. It’s also helpful to improve appetite. Apart from Beras Kencur, there’s Kunyit Asam. It tastes good and it gives excellent health benefits. It’s a popular Jamu tea among women. Not to mention it helps reduce fever and increases skin health. Some people consume Kunyit Asam for dieting. It’s useful to eradicate excessive fats in the body.

Some of Jamu tea tastes bitter. However, the bitterest jamu has the best benefit for health. Today, you can find bottled Jamu in the market. Still, you should be careful in choosing the product. The most important aspect is the packaging. It should be neat and firm. Don’t buy bottled jamu that comes in a damaged condition. Make sure that you buy from reputable producers. Famous manufacturers apply a good standard of production. Their products are safe and healthy. Don’t be careless when buying Jamu. That’s all.

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