Java Island and Its Uniqueness

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Java Island

Java Island

As an archipelago country, Indonesia should be proud of its islands. One of the biggest ones is Java Island. It is also the most populated isle of the nation. Not to mention it is the home of many tribes and cultures. In terms of geography, Java consists of many volcanoes. Tourists come to this island for numerous reasons. Some of them are attracted to the majestic volcanoes. At least, there are 30 active mountains in Java. All of them are gorgeous.

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Exploring Java Island

When it comes to nature tourism, Java consists of many rice fields. No wonder, you can find many villages in each part of the island. That means you may expect many farmers, as well. Their traditional way of living is definitely attractive. Not to mention there are many types of culinary. Each province holds different options of traditional foods, after all. That means your option of vacation destination is limitless. You can choose many types of vacation like nature tourism, historical tourism, and much more.

Here is the fact. Java Island is considered the most populated island on this planet. The size of the island is about 126,700 km2. It is the home of about 124 millions of people. There are 6 provinces and each of them consists of different tribes. In Java, you can find 4 major tribes. They are Chinese, Javanese, Sundanese, and Betawi. The other tribes are Maduranese, Banjar, Tengger, Bawean, etc. No worries. They are all friendly. You can even make new friends here. This becomes your opportunity to learn their cultures, as well.


The Provinces in Java Island

 As mentioned before, the island consists of 6 provinces. Banten is located in the westernmost of the island. The capital is Serang City. Next, there is West Java. The capital is Bandung City. Tourists recognized it as the home of fashion. What about Jakarta? Well, it is a special province. Not to mention it becomes the nation’s capital. Jakarta is also the center of government. The population reaches up to 10 million.

Your next adventure is in Central Java. The capital is Semarang City. It is recognized as the port of Java. In Semarang, you can find local foods like Lumpia and Milkfish. In Central Java, there is a special region. This province is called Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). It is rich in culture and local foods. Gudeg is one of the best localities, actually. Apart from that, Yogyakarta is famous for its nature tourism. Another province is East Java. The capital is Surabaya City. It is called the city of local heroes.

Overall, Java Island offers numerous attractions. You can even learn both history and culture. In terms of tourism, your option is boundless. You don’t even need to spend much money on exploring the island. There are many affordable hotels and restaurants. As for the tips, you should learn how to bargain and talk like locals. These help you to negotiate with sellers or tour guides. As for the tourism information, you can rely on professional tour agencies. The internet also becomes a great source of references, actually.

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