All about Java Travel in Indonesia

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Java Travel

Java Travel

Why do we have to talk about Java travel? Java is the most crowded island in Indonesia. It’s also one of the busiest islands in Southeast Asia. What makes it popular? There are many small villages and beautiful nature attractions. It’s the heartland of the nation. It makes more than 60% population of the country. The capital of Indonesia is also situated in Java Island. Not to mention there are more than 100 active volcanoes. For tourists, Java is famous for its national parks and outdoor attractions. You can enjoy a memorable vacation here.


Visiting Java Island For Java Travel

Java Island consists of many regions. These include West Java, Central Java, East Java, Banten, DKI, and DIY. The national language is Bahasa Indonesia. Most of the people in Java speak the Javanese Language, though. Is it easy to reach the island? For foreigners, the best transportation is by air. There are many international airports in each big city. Also, there are numerous airlines available. The most famous one is Garuda Indonesia. That means there’s no problem in terms of reachability.

Tourists are able to get around Java Island in an easy manner. Thanks to the infrastructure. You are able to cross the island easily. Due to the population density, you may expect traffic jams. It can be quite troublesome. Usually, people transport by bus. There are many options of armadas. They connect every region. One thing, some drivers are bad. They drive carelessly and often lead to an accident. The safest way is to use the best bus company. It guarantees your safety.

Java Island is famous for its volcanoes. Some of them are Merbabu and Merapi. Still, they offer majestic scenes for visitors. In the south part of the island, you can find numerous beaches. However, most of them are too dangerous for swimmers. Local people believe in a mystical being called Nyi Roro Kidul. She’s believed as the ruler of the South Sea. There’s a common myth. You mustn’t wear green apparels when visiting beaches. It may provoke the Queen of the South Sea.


More Places Java Travel to Visit

There are many things to do in Java Island. For example, you can do trekking in Mount Salak and Ujung Kulon National Park. These are the places to see wild animals. Do you like diving? There are Karimun Jawa Islands. The waters are crystal clear. For surfers, there’s G-Land. It’s near to Banyuwangi. In Bogor, there’s a Kebun Raya. It’s actually a botanical garden. You can enjoy the richness of Indonesian floras in such location. Do you want more? Java Island has the world’s biggest temple. The name is Borobudur.

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Borobudur Temple is the main attraction in Java Island. You can watch beautiful sunrise from here. It’s located in Magelang. Once you enjoy a good time in Borobudur, you need to go to Prambanan. It’s the tallest temple in Indonesia. At night, there’s Ramayana performance. It will be your memorable experience. When it’s about the foods, you can eat Gudeg, Noodles, Pecel, etc. In Semarang, there’s Lumpia and Martabak. Conducting a Java travel is a worthy experience for everyone. That’s for sure.

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