A Journey to Flores Island Indonesia

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Flores Island Indonesia

Flores Island Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful nation. It consists of many islands. In the east part of the country, there is Flores Island. The meaning of the name is a flower. Flores is a flower in the Portuguese language. The island is situated near to Sumbawa and Komodo Island. Apart from Java Island, Flores is considered as the most populous island in Indonesia. Today, it becomes one of the best spots for tourists. The question is what attractions are available in Flores. Well, there are many options for visitors. Let’s discuss it here.

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Things to Do in Flores Island

First, there are colored crater lakes. They are located in Mount Kelimutu. These lakes never disappoint visitors. Not to mention they become the most famous attraction in Flores Indonesia. You can reach it from Ende. The thing is the lakes can alter color regularly. These include green, chocolate, red, and turquoise. This is an amazing phenomenon. It happens naturally due to chemical reactions of lake minerals. The trigger is the Kelimutu’s volcano gas activity. It is a wonderful scene. It will amaze all visitors.

Lake in Mount Kelimutu

Lake in Mount Kelimutu

The next attraction is the presence of the biggest lizards in Komodo NP. Visitors are able to witness those majestic creatures directly. Next, there’s Egon volcano. It is located in Blidit. The mountain is gorgeous with its smoking craters. It will be a beautiful panorama for tourists. Some tour guides are ready to help. You can hire them to get around this location. In the same area, there is also Blidit hot spring. It is a perfect location for relaxing. The natural hot pool can relieve your pain and tiredness.

Next, you can explore the Babi Island. It is situated near to Nangahae village. In order to reach the island, you should use a boat for an hour sea trip. What can you do here? The island is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You can enjoy the nautical beauties like fishes, coral reefs, beaches, etc. Not to mention there is a dolphin spot. You can see those mesmerizing creatures from the shorelines. Do you want to conduct a camping? No worries. It is also possible on Babi Island.


Other Activities to Try in Flores Island

Flores Island is actually famous for its eco-tourism industry. There are many traditional villages in this island. Visitors can enjoy lots of activities like trekking, bird watching, and dwelling with locals. In some occasions, there are some dances. You can even join this festival. At the end of the day, you can visit some local food stands. The sunset foods are the best option. These include curry, seafood, and numerous spicy foods. When it comes to drinks, you must try Kopi Ende.

Overall, Flores Island is a perfect gateway for any tourists. It offers lots of attractions like beaches, mountains, lakes, traditional villages, etc. That means you can explore all these beautiful landmarks for an adventurous vacation. There are some neighbor islands like Solor, Adonara, Alor, and Lembata. You can reach them using a boat. The most famous activity is the whale hunting in Lembata Island. So, are you going now?

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