Kintamani and Its Attractions

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Mount Batur and Lake Viewed From Kintamani

Indonesia tourism is always interesting. One of the best destinations is Bali Island. It is a heaven-like place for tourists. Not only it is popular among local people, but it is also famous among foreigners. Apart from that, Bali also has many attractive regions. For instance, there is Kintamani. It is situated in Bangli District. From Denpasar, you need to spend about 2 hours using a car. Fortunately, almost all tourist agencies provide a tour package to Kintamani. That means everyone can easily visit this region.

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Visiting Kintamani

What is good about Kintamani? It offers fresh and calm atmosphere. You can enjoy beautiful scenery nearby. Actually, the temperature is quite similar to that of Bedugul’s. The best sight is Batur Lake. Not to mention you can witness the majestic view of Batur Mountain. It will be better if you visit a fine restaurant nearby. This way, you can enjoy the scenery while eating delicious lunch. Some restaurants feature a buffet so you can eat at will. Don’t forget to come with your family.

Next, you should visit Penelokan. It is also an interesting tourist spot in Kintamani. The location is in Kedisan Village. Since it is located in a suburban area, you can enjoy its beautiful nature. There are a refreshing lake and stunning mountain. Some people use this location as their pre-wedding venue. There is also a hot spring nearby. You can relax here with your family. The next attraction is Batur Temple. It is situated in Truyan Village. Apart from the beautiful temple, you can also learn its culture. For example, local people don’t bury the dead. Instead, they put them under the fragrant tree.


More about Kintamani Attractions

Kintamani offers many tourist spots. No wonder, more people come here over time. Even foreigners can spend a wonderful vacation here. It is because the government has included numerous facilities like accommodations, restaurants, public transport, etc. For a more comfortable vacation, you can rent a car. This includes the driver, for sure. On top of that, people in Kintamani are quite friendly. Most of them are farmers. Also, Kintamani is famous for its local dog. It is both cute and furry.

For those who love fishing, Batur Lake can be a perfect fishing spot. Many local people come here for fishing. You should join them, too. The atmosphere is solemn so you can enjoy it much. You can even grill the fish that you get from the lake. What is next? If you don’t like fishing, you can simply take some pictures in Kintamani. There are many beautiful spots here. These include the lake, mountain, village, local people, and much more.

Before visiting Kintamani, you must prepare everything. At least, you should find a good hotel. There are many options so you need to conduct a small research. Some of you may choose a villa. Though, it usually costs more than a hotel room. The thing is a villa is suitable for a family vacation. In this case, you must carry more money. Make sure that you find a good tour agent prior to visiting this region.


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