Korowai Tribe is scary as Hell – the Cannibalistic Society

korowai tribe

Korowai Tribe

Are you going to Papua Island in the near future? In this case, you should find some interesting activities in Papua. There is a notorious community in such island. The name is Korowai tribe. You are able to find them in the south part of Papua Island. These indigenous people live in the swampy area. Even though it is an uncomfortable area for living, Korowai tribe lives here. The other name is Kolufu tribe. Their existence was recognized since the 18th century. The tribe is famous for their local language, Awyu-Dumut. Also, they are considered cannibals!

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Learn More about Korowai Tribe

Korowai people don’t wear any clothes. They use leaves to cover some parts of their body. Most of them are fierce hunters. There are numerous types of hunting tools, as well. They can kill wild boars easily using their special spear. The rumor has it. They also use the same spear to hunt and kill people. In fact, they may eat them! For them, cannibalism was considered a ritual. The question is whether they still perform this scary ritual or not.

korowai tribe

Korowai Tribe Women

Korowai tribe’s cannibalism has been decreasing over time. It’s due to the influence of the outer world. It is true that Korowai people are cannibalistic. Though, they don’t merely kill humans due to hunger. They only kill sinful and disrespectful people. Most of the time, they kill Khuakhua or witches. They will decide whether Khuakua at fault. As for the punishment, these cursed people will be killed and eaten. The dead body of Khuakua will be chopped into meats and distributed to the rest of Korowai people.

Those who kill Khuakua have the right to keep the skull of the deceased. Killing human is part of their justice system. Once they kill and eat bad people, they may beat the walls of their home using a wooden stick. Not to mention they will sing the night away. In modern life, cannibalistic is indeed inhuman and scary. It really happens in Korowai tribe. In fact, they have numerous reasons to do so. Moreover, almost all of them have ever eaten human meat. For them, it isn’t something taboo.


Korowai Tribe and Their Way of Living

 Korowai people live in tree houses. They build it using scattered woods in the forest. They have ample tools like stone axes. The houses protect them from bad weathers and harmful animals. These also protect them from floods. During conflicts, tree houses become their main fortress. Apart from Korowai tribe, other ethnics also apply cannibalistic rituals. For example, there is Kombai tribe. Though, they have different language and way of living.

Korowai Island has local foods. Most of them eat sago. They also eat maggot. Their cannibalistic behavior comes from their tradition. They punish all accused witches by eating them. In their belief, these witches may cause wars and conflicts. Thus, they need to kill them mercilessly. If you want to meet Korowai tribe, you need to conduct a tiring journey. Their home is situated 150 km from the Arafura Sea. Still, only brave and crazy people want to meet Korowai the cannibals in person. Dare you?

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