Kraton and Its Significance in Indonesia

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kraton Surakarta

Kraton or keraton is the home of a king. The name derives from the Javanese Language. It is actually the palace of a king. Commonly, people refer Keraton to the home of Javanese Sultan. Many people also live near to the palace. Most of them are nobles. The thing is Indonesia has many Palaces. The most famous one is in Yogyakarta. Not only it is the home of a sultan, Keraton of Yogyakarta also becomes a tourist attraction. It features numerous collections like gamelan, relics, and much more. This palace has a stunning architecture. It also features pavilions.


Kraton in Indonesia

In Cirebon, you can find Kasepuhan Kraton. It is quite majestic and well-kept. Not to mention it has a historical value. This place was an Islamic Kingdom. It was also a meeting place of the founders of Cirebon. Today, it becomes an attractive tourist spot. There are many interesting items inside. These include paintings, relics, and other collections. The most famous collection is Singa Barong Chariot. Actually, it belonged to Gunung Jati Sunan. In fact, local people consider this chariot as a sacred item.

In Surakarta, there is Surakarta Hadiningrat Kraton. It was built by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II. It was in 1744. Actually, it is the replacement for Kertasura Kraton. The palace also took part in important history. Today, many tourists visit it during holidays and weekend. Next, there is Pura Pakualaman. It is situated in Yogyakarta. However, it is smaller than Yogyakarta Kraton. It was an independent region, but it was inferior to Yogyakarta Sultanate.


kraton Yogyakarta

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The Function of Kraton

Keraton has been part of the nation. It has numerous functions, as well. For instance, it is the home of noble people and kings. In the past, it became the center of governance. It also becomes the source of culture. Today, tourists include Keraton to their best vacation destinations. They want to explore the beauty of such palace. Not to mention there are many types of Kraton to visit. You should at least visit them once. Yogyakarta and Surakarta Kraton are the most popular ones.


Things to Pay Attention when Visiting Keraton

Visitors should obey the rules and instructions when entering Keraton. Regardless of the location, Keraton applies some rules. Everyone should obey these rules. For example, tourists aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses and a hat inside the palace. These include short pants, jackets, and sandals. Keraton is a sacred place. You should respect this place. For those who wear short pants can borrow fabrics from the staff.  What about a camera? It is allowed to take some pictures in inside. However, you need to pay extra fees for it.

Keraton has been a favorite tourist destination. Thanks to the history and culture. Today, you can see historical items inside Keraton and explore its majestic architecture. The problem is you may get lost when exploring Kraton. In this case, you can hire a tour guide. He or she may lead you around Keraton. Still, they cost some money. That means you should never forget to bring some cash. After all, it will be an amazing vacation. Don’t spoil it.

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