Must Know about Kubu Beach in Indonesia Country

Indonesia country - Pantai Kub

Indonesia country – Kubu Beach

What Everyone Must Know about Kubu Beach in Indonesia Country

There are many reasons to visit Indonesia country. Indonesia consists of thousands of islands. The biggest one is Kalimantan. It’s also called Borneo Island. There are many mountains in the northern part of the islands. At the center, it’s mostly forest. At the southern part, you may find many rivers and swamps. For many, Central Kalimantan fits as a tourist destination. Even though Kalimantan is quite humid and hot, it offers abundant tourist sites. Thanks to its strategic position, you can reach Central Borneo easily. Once you get there, you are able to enjoy the nature and some interesting places. Kubu beach is one of the lists of top Central Kalimantan tourist spots.

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Relaxing at Kubu Beach

Kubu beach is situated in Kotawaringin Barat. It’s the best beach tourism in this region. It becomes the most visited beach in Central Kalimantan due to its location. You can reach it from the downtown easier than other beaches. You can either hire a vehicle or drive a private car to reach this location. The first departure is Pangkalan Bun city. From this area, you drive towards Kumai. Once you reach Monyet roundabout, you must turn right. From this point, you only need to go straight. In order to avoid hassles, it’s better to rent a car and driver. That means you can sit and relax while the driver will take care of everything.

Kubu beach has motivated many tourists to visit Indonesia country. It fits for your family vacation. In fact, it provides family recreational facilities such as animal replica and swings. Your kids can play around while you enjoy the breeze of the sea. Don’t forget to take a picture with your family around the beach. There’s also a bridge. It’s a perfect place to take a wonderful picture. The beach is situated in Kumai district. From the coast, you can oversee the Java Sea. There are also some fishermen in this location.


More Things to Know

There’s one word to describe Kubu beach. It’s a beauty. The sand is soft and brownish white. It’s possible to play with water here. The local government manages it as a commercial tourist spot. They provide some facilities to maintain and improve the condition of the beach. One of the attractions is the bridge. It’s located nearby. It’s made of ironwood. You are able to relax and enjoy the charm of a nautical environment from here. There’s another spot to relax. It’s the lodges lied on the waterside. Not to mention there are some food stalls so you can eat with your family. Seafood is the bestselling foods in Kubu beach.

In summary, Kubu beach gets more visitors over time. Thanks to its natural beauty, you are able to spend a wonderful vacation in Indonesia country. In the morning, there are fishermen hunting fish off the beach. What a wonderful sight! While relaxing, you can even drink coconut water. It’s a great spot to relax along with family. The best time to visit the beach is before the New Year eve. You can join the festive event on Kubu beach. Locals will perform fireworks at the night. So, are you going there this year?

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