Adoring a Lampung Museum Tour Guide Indonesia

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Lampung Museum Tour Guide Indonesia

Lampung Museum Tour Guide Indonesia

Recently, some people talk about Lampung. No wonder. This city has many interesting places to visit. Later, you are going to learn about Lampung Museum. There are Javanese, Balinese, and Madura people in this city. Thanks to the transmigration program. If you have never visited Lampung before, you need to get a tour guide Indonesia. The native call themselves Ulun Lampung. Their traditional language is related to Sundik. They also have a traditional writing called Had Lampung. It has the influence of Arabic letters and Pallawa script. The best place to learn the history and culture of the city is Lampung Museum.

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About Lampung Museum

The museum represents the characteristic of this city. It has become one of the most significant tourist spots in the southern tip of Sumatra. You can reach it from Bandar Lampung with only 20 minutes of driving. It has unique architectural style. It contains lots of cultural relics, artifacts, and other historical items. At the museum, you can see some antique ceramics from Siam and China. There are even more unique collections that you can find here. According to data, the museum contains more than 4,500 items. There are 10 different groups of items. That means you won’t get bored inside.

The most popular collections belong to ethnography group. It’s the study of culture. In this category, you can find more than 2,000 items. With a proper tour guide Indonesia, you can explore the museum thoroughly. The building was actually constructed in 1975. It opened for public 11 years later, though. The person who initiated it was Dr. Fuad Hasan. The museum is situated in Meneng, Bandar Lampung. You can reach it from Raden Inten II Airport. If you come from Tandjungkarang, you need to take a trip for about 5 km. No worries. You can rent a car here.


Tour Guide Indonesia – Enjoying Quality Time in the Museum

One thing, you must avoid crowded times. It’s a bad idea to visit Lampung during weekends. It’s the busiest times. As the result, you can get irritated by the crowds. If you can deal with these people, you don’t need to worry about anything. Once you get inside, there’s one rule that you must obey. Keep your phone off! It’s not recommended to take photos, too. Actually, you can silence your phone. It will be quite tempting to take some pictures. However, you need to deal with these struggles. You can take pictures outside, instead. Don’t ruin your vacation with your rebellious act.

In summary, Lampung becomes a piece of beauty of the country. If you are planning a vacation with your family, Lampung Museum may satisfy your needs. It gives both fun and education. Your kids can learn some unique prehistoric items inside. A tour guide Indonesia will help you reach the museum. Even for beginners, Lampung is a simple province. That means you won’t get lost here. There’s also public transportation. You can get around freely. As long as you have some money, you should not worry about anything. It’s a nice province to visit.

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