The Latest Currencies (2017) of Indonesia

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Latest Currencies (2017) of Indonesia

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Each nation actually has a policy in create and publish new designs of currency. Indonesia is not an exception, as there are the latest currencies these days. This is actually the role of Bank Indonesia. The new designs are going to be published in the beginning of 2017. There are both coins and banknotes. Actually, the new currencies have been valid in 19th December 2016. Apart from the new designs, the government includes a better security feature in it. The purpose is to prevent counterfeiting.

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Getting Closer to the Latest Currencies

The government has given an announcement to the public. This way, it helps everyone to recognize the new design of the money beforehand. The most significant feature is the faces of national heroes. They come from different parts of Indonesia. Their face appears in the front part of the money. What about the back of the money? It features the picture of Indonesian nature beauty and traditional dances. So, what is new about the protection feature of the money? As mentioned earlier, it helps the government to fight counterfeiting.

When it comes to the new feature of the latest currencies, you may find the blind code. The locals call it “kode tuna netra”. Apart from preventing any efforts of counterfeiting, this feature helps those with disability. That means disables are able to easily recognize and identify the new money. Overall, it is a helpful feature. Next, there is a signature of Sri Mulyani (the minister of finance). Another signature belongs to the BI Governor. These are indeed primary entities of the new design of Indonesian Currency.


More about the Latest Currencies of Indonesia

The announcement of the currency design has caused numerous responses. One of them is the argument regarding the faces of the national heroes. Some Moslems are disappointed with it as many non-Moslem heroes are included in the design. This causes a debate among people on the internet. Another debate is related to the color and pattern. Many people say it is similar to that of the China’s. In some way, it causes an uncomfortable feeling among the anti-governments. They consider the government has developed too much relation with China or communist.

Apart from the blind code, there are other important features of the design of the money. Not to mention there are different levels of security. For example, you can simply inspect it without any tools. What you need to do is touch and to observe it. You can also take advantage of either an ultra violet or a magnifying glass. The next interesting feature is the color shifting. That means the color may alter if you see it from different angles. Somehow, it increases its beauty value.

There is also the latent image. If you look closely at some parts of the money, you may find a hidden BI text. This appears visibly if you look at the right angle. Not to mention there is recto verso feature. This feature isn’t available in the previous money, after all. With all these features, the latest currencies of Indonesia will be quite useful in the future. Despite its controversies, all people in Indonesia may accept it as the primary national payment system.


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