Leang-Leang Historic Park in South Sulawesi

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vacation in Indonesia - Leang-Leang Historic Park

vacation in Indonesia – Leang-Leang Historic Park ( all picture from www.ardiyanta.com )

Since there are many places for a vacation in Indonesia, you need to conduct a small research. What about South Sulawesi? Have you ever visited this province? Celebes Island offers a distinct beauty. The are many mountains in the province. The name of the tribe is Bugis. They are seafaring people. They own unique cultures and traditions. It also offers some beautiful places to visit. Not to mention there are archeological sites. One of them is Leang-Leang historic park. What is it?


Vacation in Indonesia – What is Leang-Leang Historic Park?


vacation in Indonesia - Leang-Leang Historic Park

Leang-Leang Historic Park

When it is about Leang-Leang prehistoric park, tourists can see the resemblances of Bugis old civilization. You can enjoy ancient wall paintings in the cave. According to experts, these paintings have been there since thousands of years ago. After all, you will be amazed by their beauty. Is it easy to reach leang-leang? The park is situated in Bantimurung district. You only need to visit Maros regency. Leang is a local language. The meaning is a cave. Local people often call it Liang or a hole.

Leang-Leang prehistoric park is one of the reasons to conduct a vacation in Indonesia. You can’t find a tourism object like this in the other countries. The park is situated in the midst of nature. Most of the tourists love to explore the cave. The beautiful old paintings make the cave more interesting.These are the proof of prehistory human civilization. The paintings become the inheritance of old South Sulawesi civilization. Today, it becomes one of the most interesting tourist spots in the province.


Leang-Leang Historic Park isn’t an Inimitable Place in South Sulawesi

vacation in Indonesia - Leang-Leang Historic Park 02 The founders of the paintings are Dutch archeologists. It was in 1950. If you enter the cave, you can see the paintings directly. The most dominant color of the paintings is red. Apart from Leang-Leang, there’s also Pettae cave. The cave is indeed quite wide. There are many wall paintings inside. These include a jumping pig painting. In order to reach the cave, you should climb high. It can be tiring. You must prepare bottled water and some snacks. If you come with your kids, make sure that they don’t get too tired.

It’s not only about the paintings, Leang-Leang prehistoric park also offers beautiful scenery. You can see breathtaking views from the cliff. Not to mention there are many plants. Since there are many shady trees, the area becomes more comfortable. The fresh air will comfort you. On top of that, there are some gazebos nearby. You and your family can relax there. What about the trip? If you come from Maros, you need to spend a 12 km trip. It will be longer if you come to Makassar.

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The best transportation is a car. You can rent it from local people. A vacation in Indonesia shouldn’t be troublesome. Once you reach Maros, you can continue the trip to Bantimurung. Remember, there are no hotels near to Leang-Leang park. You can only rest in gazebos. If you want to spend a night, you must go back to Bantimurung. There are local homestays and lodges in this area. Just enjoy your vacation. It’s going to be one of the trips.

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