Learn the Lobster Recipe and How to Cook it

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Lobster is a valuable marine creature. Many countries consider it as one of the best seafood. However, not many people are able to cook it. It is because they don’t know the best lobster recipe. Not to mention they don’t know how long to cook lobster. The cooking time for lobster depends on personal preferences. In fact, each nation has different cultural cooking preferences. In the United States and Canada, people love their lobster well-done. In Europe countries like France, people like it a little bit mid-rare.

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Lobster Recipe 101

 It is important to pay attention to boiling procedure. The cook should use ample salted water and it must cover the entire part of the lobster. The boiling process takes more than one pound. It is also necessary to increase the cooking time, especially with more than one lobster inside. Once it is cooked, the cook should remove it from the water. For your information, the lobster continues to cook even you have removed it from the boiling water. That means you should remove them just before they are cooked. In order to stop the cooking process, you can plunge them into iced water.

For the extras, you can add some ingredients like herbs and vegetables. Some people even add white wine. The best method to cook a lobster is when it is alive. Why is that? Lobsters have some bacteria living inside them. In order to kill the bacteria, the cook should boil them right away. Otherwise, the bacteria remain and grow on the meat. Apart from that, it is important to learn how to choose a lobster in the market. The best one is the hard-shelled lobsters. It is because the soft-shelled lobsters are difficult to cook.


The Key to Lobster Recipe is Meat

The best part of lobster is its meat. The problem is it isn’t easy to get it out. The shell is quite hard when uncooked. Only advanced processing company is able to separate the meat efficiently. It is because they use high water pressure and other advanced cooking methods. That means underdeveloped businesses take much time to separate the meat. Another issue is the price. The cheapest lobsters are sold in the dock. If you buy it from grocery stores or restaurants, you may expect expensive prices.


Things to Know

 So, why is lobster popular? It is because people love to eat expensive and delicious foods. That means lobster is considered as a luxury delicacy. In fact, people can enjoy lobster more because of its expensive price. If they find cheap lobsters, they become suspicious. They consider cheap lobsters have bad quality and unhealthy.

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