Learning How to Eat in an Indonesian Restaurant

indonesian restaurant

RM Sederhana is one of indonesian restaurant

Indonesia offers numerous attractions. One of them is Indonesian culinary. Eating in this country is a unique adventure. Since there are numerous types of foods, tourists won’t get bored. The question is whether they can eat properly in an Indonesian restaurant. There are many choices of restaurants in Indonesia. These include traditional and modern eateries. Some people love to enjoy good delicious foods along with the locals. On the other hand, the others want to enjoy private and comfortable Europe-style restaurants.

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Many Types of Indonesian Restaurant

The best way to eat in Indonesia is to follow the locals’ habit. It’s always fun to eat the Indonesian way. That means may eat with your hands. The right hand is the right one. In Indonesia, left hands are considered bad. Padang restaurants allow people to eat either using hands or spoons. Chopsticks are rare to use, though. It’s only available in some street eateries that come with noodle dishes like Mie Ayam. Still, most of the local people eat Mie Ayam using a spoon and fork. It has become a habit.

Some people think that Indonesian foods are always spicy. They are wrong. There are numerous types of dishes, after all. For those who love sweet foods, there’s Gudeg. Still, it’s true that most Indonesian foods are spicy. Not to mention there’s sambal. It’s a traditional chili paste. There are many types of sambal as well. You can pick the level. Numerous types of sambals include salty, sweet, fishy, etc. There’s also tomato-based sambal. All of them are worth to try. That’s for sure.

Instead of using bottled sambal, you must try homemade sambal. It’s fresh and delicious. Always ask whether the restaurants provide sambal or not. If you love spicy foods, you should visit Padang restaurants. That doesn’t mean you need to go to Padang, West Sumatra. Almost all regions have a Padang restaurant. This kind of eatery represents Padang’s culture. The foods are spicy and delightful. Their best specialty is Rendang. There’s curry broth as well.


More Things to Know about Indonesian Restaurant

As mentioned earlier, there are many street foods in Indonesia. It’s a perfect opportunity to dwell with locals. The best street eateries are Satay, Mie Jawa, Siomay, Nasi Uduk, etc. Fried rice is also an option. Overall, these foods are cheap and delicious. Not to mention you can talk to strangers in a comfortable manner. Many foreigners love to eat in street eateries. They can feel the local atmosphere and enjoy Indonesian foods. What about you? Each person is different, after all. Perhaps some people prefer eating in fancy restaurants to eating at street eateries.

Indonesian foods vary in each culture. Fortunately, you can find any types of foods in each region. Warungs and local eateries are easy to find. That doesn’t mean you cannot find luxurious restaurants. Some cities have high-class restaurants, too. Don’t expect cheap prices, though. Indonesia has some unique cultures when eating. Burping is quite impolite. Make sure that you pay attention to your acts in eating. When in Indonesia, eat like Indonesian. This will be your unforgettable experiences.

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