Let’s Learn Indonesia Visa Requirement

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Indonesia Visa Requirement

Indonesia Visa Requirement

Are you visiting Indonesia in the near future? Apart from passport, you may also need a visa. For beginners, it is important to learn Indonesia Visa Requirement. What is visa, actually? It is an important document both for the traveler and the host country. In a nutshell, a visa is a permission to enter a particular country. It is released by the embassy. If you are an Australian, you should visit your nation’s embassy in the host country. Is it important? Well, travelers should never overlook it.

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The Importance of Indonesia Visa Requirement

When it comes to the benefits of visa, you can find many of them. These two are only parts of them:

  1. Identity Proof

A visa shows your identity as a foreign traveler. The process verifies your identity before your arrival. That means the nation’s immigration departments and consular may conduct a background and criminal check to you. They may also investigate your health condition. If they find out something uncommon, you aren’t allowed to go abroad. That means you can visit other countries regardless of the purpose.


  1. Population Control

A visa helps a country take a good control over immigration. Here is the thing. Without a legal access, a nation is vulnerable to overpopulation and terrorism. A visa helps a country to monitor any people entering their nation. As a tourist, you should know this thing.


Indonesia Visa Requirement

 If you are visiting Indonesia, you should know how to make a visa. At least, you should know the requirement. These are some of them:

  • An active passport
  • 2 colored photos (4×6)
  • Copy of TIN and License
  • A student card (for students)
  • Fingerprints record
  • An interview

Here is the question. Should you use the help of an agency? Well, it depends on. Some people are likely to hire an agent due to its simplicity. It is suitable for busy people. If you don’t have time to make a visa, you should rely on a service. One thing, it costs you some money. Each agency has different policies, so you need to learn them first. Not to mention they have a different price. Cheap doesn’t mean bad, though. Many professional agencies offer an affordable price. They can even help you with Indonesia Visa Requirement.


Find the Right Type

The most common type of visa is the tourist visa. As the name suggests, it is suitable for tourists. As a traveler, you need this prior to visiting a country. Everyone is able to visit Indonesia with it. On the other hand, unqualified tourists aren’t allowed to enter foreign countries. That’s the rule. Another famous type is a business visa. It is released for businessmen. Corporations often send their representation abroad. In this case, they need to make a visa for that person.

There are many other types of visa, actually. These include relative permits, work visa, transit visa, study permits, visa on arrival, diplomatic visa, exit visa, exchange permits, corporate permits, and business permits. Each of them has different Indonesia Visa Requirement. Make sure you have talked to your agency. Also, you can consult to your nation’s embassy. With these in minds, you can avoid problems while spending a vacation in Indonesia!

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