Lion Air Crash History in Indonesia

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Lion Air Crash

Lion Air Crash on the beach after failed landing at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali

Just because one rides a famous and popular airplane, doesn’t mean there it is flawless. Lion Air Crash has given thrills to all people in Indonesia. It is because there is a long list of an accident in the past. No one wants to be a victim, indeed. However, accidents do happen. Approximately, there have been about 19 crashes. These include small and severe crashes. Many people are afraid of using this airline these days. In fact, Lion Air has been banned in Europe. Here is the list of crashes in Indonesia.

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The Log of Lion Air Crash in Indonesia

 In 2002, there was an accident in Sultan Syarim Kasim II Airport. The plane failed to fly and fell to the ground. There were about 7 severely injured people in this incident. In the next year, there was a crash in Palembang. At that time, the plane failed to land. The same case happened in 2014. It was in Palembang Airport. Fortunately, there are no deaths in both cases. In the same year, Lion Air slipped when landing. It happened in Adisumarmo Airport. 26 of people died during the accident.

In 2005, there were 5 cases of Lion Air Crash. The first one was in Walter Monginsidi Airport. The plan had a flat tire and failed to depart. Next, it was in Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar. The plane slipped when landing. Third, it was in Selaparang Airport. It was because the plane failed to take off. It slipped. Fourth, it was in Makassar. The plane’s wheel exploded while landing. Fortunately, there were no casualties. There was another accident in 2005. The plane slipped when landing in Hasanuddin Airport. It was 792, MD-82 flight.

In 2006, there were 3 accidents. First, it was in Hasanuddin Airport. The plane slipped but there were no victims. Bad weather and poor maintenance became the major culprits of such kind of accidents. It also happened in Juanda Airport. The plane slipped due to bad weather. Another case was in Gorontalo. It was the 792 Flight. The plane tripped on the lane. It happened during landing. Next, it was in 2009. A plane slipped in Soekarno-Hatta Airport.


More Cases of Lion Air Crash in Indonesia

There was only one accident in 2010. It was in Pontianak. It was the same case. The plane slipped during touchdown. In 2011, there were two cases. First, it was in Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport. The plane tripped but it didn’t cause casualties. Next, it was in Pekanbaru, the plane got off the track. Luckily, no one got hurt. Another case is in Balikpapan, the plane didn’t manage to land properly. All the passengers were alive, though.

The most recent Lion Air Crash was in Bali. The plane fell to the sea near to Ngurah Rai Airport. Regardless of the accidents, it seems the company should put a good attention to their maintenance quality. It wasn’t only the bad weather. Poor maintenance and bad airplanes often caused accidents. Passengers’ safety should be a priority, after all. Without a proper management, Lion Air won’t last long. Not to mention there will be reduced visitors to Indonesia.

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