Lombok Island, Witnessing a Fight Art on Peresean

There’s an interesting Indonesia tour package for you. It’s West Nusa Tenggara. You can either choose to visit Sumbawa or Lombok Island. Both of them offer nature beauty. The north part of the Lombok Island is mountainous. Apart from the nature beauty, the island also offers unique culture and arts. Have you ever heard about Peresean? It’s a unique tradition of Lombok. It’s a fighting art for men. Local men do this thing to prove their bravery. It’s actually a Sasak’s tradition.

lombok island and peresean

lombok island and peresean (lombokwandertour.com)


About Peresean in Lombok Island

Peresean is conducted by two men. Each of them holds a shield and rattan stick. It’s an old tradition in Lombok Island. The men train to be a good fighter and to show their courage. It involves a little bit of violence. Still, it shows a cultural value of Sasak tribe. What about the history of Peresean? It was a celebration event. The king and his armies conduct this fighting art whenever they won a war. Also, they used this fighting art to show their courage in a war.

If you take an Indonesia tour package, you should include Peresean in your list. It has become a tradition among Sasak tribe nowadays. It isn’t only the form of local tradition, but it also becomes a modern ceremony. Local people in Lombok apply such event whenever there’s an important visitor. As mentioned earlier, the fighting art has important values and functions. It shows how brave a warrior can be. It also shows a peaceful message within.

Peresean show has become an important art in Lombok. It’s usually conducted in a wide area. The spectators can easily enjoy the show with both indigenous people and tourists. Are you interested? There are two participants. They perform a fair fight. There are also 3 referees. One of the referees is called Pakembar Tengah. There’s also Pakembar Sedi. He’s the one who chooses the Pepadus / fighters. For visitors, it will be an interesting show.


The Basic Rules

Usually, there are 5 rounds of a fight. Each round lasts for 3 minutes. Before the fight begins, the fighters should listen to instruction. They also need to pray prior to fighting. The referee will give a signal to start the fight. There’s an important rule. The fighters aren’t allowed to hit the legs or bottom parts of the body. They can aim for the head or the back of the opponent. Each part of the body has a point. The fighter loses if he gives in or bleeds. No worries. There’s a medical team nearby.

Peresean has been an important list in an Indonesia tour package. It’s fun to watch such fighting show. The fighters only have a shield for defending. Their weapon is a rattan stick. Thanks to the local government. Peresean remains as a vital tourist attraction in West Nusa Tenggara. Sasak tribe can proudly show this fight to tourists. So, are you going in the near future? There are many other tourist attractions to enjoy. Make sure that you have read some information prior to visiting Lombok.

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