Lots of Places to Visit in Banda Aceh Indonesia

Banda Aceh - Boat on house

Banda Aceh – Boat on house

Banda Aceh is notorious due to the great Tsunami in 2004. There more than 140,000 people died during such terrible disaster. The city was also infamous due to its internal conflict. There was an independence movement conducted by GAM. Fortunately, both the government and GAM made a peace agreement. Is Aceh a bad city? No, it’s not! Many tourists come to Aceh over time. Thanks to the attractions of the city. What can people do here? Many options are available. Below are some of the best places in Aceh.

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Exploring Banda Aceh

When it comes to Banda Aceh vacation, your first destination should be the Grand Mosque. It has been the heart of the city. It’s an elegant building. It was built centuries ago. It also suffered many damages due to the invasion of the Dutch. The government was able to revive it well. Thanks to them. The next vacation destination will be the Cut Nya Dien House. As the name suggests, it’s the house of a famous woman hero. Actually, it’s only a replica of her house. You can take pictures here.

Have you heard about Putroe Phang Park and Gunongan? Good. You need to visit it someday. It was a bathing place and private playground. It was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda for his wife. The name is Putro Phang. She was a Malaysian. Tourists often visit this area due to its amazing architectural design. The best time to visit the park is during the sunset. It’s good to visit it in the late afternoon. What’s next? It’s the Bitay Village Graveyard. It’s a historical place. You can see the grave of a famous saint in Bitay. Local people would tell you the story about this person.

Next, there’s Aceh Museum. It’s located in Sultan Alaidin Mahmud Syah Street. What’s inside? The museum displays weapons, artifacts, ceramics, jewelry, and other items. There’s a famous item here. The name is Lonceng Cakra Donya. Sultan Aceh received this enormous bell from the Ming Emperor. It was in the 15th century. Your next destination is the Indonesian Airline Monument. It was built to honor the independence of Indonesia. It’s also the symbol of the rise of Indonesian aviation.


Banda Aceh Culinary

A vacation to Aceh is fun and challenging. Apart from those great places, Aceh is also famous for culinary. For instance, there’s Mie Aceh. It isn’t a regular noodle. The taste is quite spicy and it is rich in spices. Today, you can find it in all regions of Indonesia. There’s also Nasi Goreng Aceh. This fried rice uses the same spices and recipe as Mie Aceh. That means it’s spicy and delicious. When it comes to the beverage, there’s Teh Tarik. It’s the combination of tea and milk.

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Sanger is another famous drink in Banda Aceh. It’s also called Sanger coffee. Some people say it’s similar to cappuccino. However, it has unique taste and texture. Foreigners are really into this coffee. What about you? The city is also famous for a special dessert. The name is Meuseukat. It uses pineapple and wheat flour as its primary ingredients. It’s a little bit hard to find Meuseukat. You need to make an order beforehand. In summary, Banda Aceh is rich in both historical places and culinary. It’s a worthy city to visit.

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