A Magnificent Architecture of Pekanbaru Grand Mosque

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travel to Indonesia – Grand Mosque An-Nur (source kemenag.go.id)

Riau is a wonderful province of Indonesia. If you are going to travel to Indonesia, you need to choose Riau as one of your destinations. The province is situated in the eastern part of Sumatra Island. Since it’s located in a strategic area, many visitors come to Riau with different purposes. It’s one of the wealthiest provinces of the country. Not only it has an excellent industry, but it also offers great tourism. Here’s the reference. You should visit Pekanbaru. There’s a famous building in here. The name is Pekanbaru Grand Mosque. What can tourists do in this location, exactly?


About the Grand Mosque An-Nur

Pekanbaru city is situated in the southern part of the famous Siak River. The most popular tourist destination is the Grand Mosque. The name represents the size of this building. It’s also considered as the oldest mosque there. According to history, it was built during the reign of Alamuddin Syah. It was in the 18th century. If you get around the mosque, you can find the royal family graves. Apart from that, you can also find an old fountain. Local people believe it as a holy place. Thus, more visitors are coming to this well for both fortune and blessing. Do you want to try?

The name of the Grand Mosque is An-Nur. The initial construction was conducted in 1963. The project took 5 years to complete. The mosque is able to accommodate more than 4000 people attending worship. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the biggest mosques in Indonesia. The style of the building has been influenced by many cultures. These include Indian, Arabic, Malay, and Turkish architectural designs. If you like to study architecture, you must visit this mosque. Even foreigners come to travel to Indonesia to learn this enormous mosque. In the past, it became a campus for IAIN. Today, it’s one of the largest mosques for prayers.


Further Information

In terms of architecture, the mosque has some similarities to the Taj Mahal. It’s both luxurious and vast. The designer was IR. Roseno. The mosque consists of 3 floors. The lower levels are used for meeting rooms and offices. People can do their prayers on the top level. There is also a hall and some large rooms. Here’s the best part, there are escalators within the building.  Since the mosque is quite big, it can be a tiring trip for you. Remember, you should obey any rules given to the visitors.

So, what do you think about Pekanbaru? Are you going to travel to Indonesia in the near future? This city has a majestic mosque. The Grand Mosque of Pekanbaru gives you an opportunity to learn local architecture and history. Before visiting Riau, you need to learn its climate. Apparently, tourists love to come to Pekanbaru during holidays. You can pick any days, though. Don’t forget to bring a camera. You definitely won’t miss the chance to take some pictures here. The local guide will help you to find hotels and other facilities. You only need to provide them with a nice tip. Good luck!

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